CGI selected by European data services provider Bisnode as “one-stop” provider of technology management services in Sweden

PRESS RELEASE: CGI has signed a new agreement with Bisnode, a leading European provider of business data and data analytic services, to assume responsibility for managing the company’s technology services in Sweden. By outsourcing these services to CGI, Bisnode will gain advanced digital expertise to improve efficiencies, enhance security, and drive the launch of new digital customer services.

It also will benefit from increased end user satisfaction through a guaranteed level of service quality. The agreement extends over five and a half years, with an estimated value of 215 million Swedish crowns (approx. CAD $35 million).

To streamline its IT operations and strengthen its competitive position within the growing data and data analytics market, Bisnode made a strategic decision to consolidate its IT services in Sweden from a handful of suppliers into a single, “one-stop” provider. After conducting an external audit, the company selected CGI based on its ability to meet the company’s strict requirements for a one-stop provider, particularly in the areas of quality and security, which are key focus areas for Bisnode. CGI will assume full responsibility for Bisnode’s technology services in Sweden based on a flexible, demand-driven and cloud-based delivery model.

“CGI has been one of our suppliers for about a decade and understands the challenges we face, said Robert Burén, CIO at Bisnode. CGI’s team is also very proactive in providing suggestions for improvement. To ensure our partnership maintains this level of proactivity and drives innovation, one of CGI’s lead IT architects will be based onsite to keep us well informed of issues and recommend innovative solutions for driving our IT performance.”

Mr. Burén added: “By outsourcing our technology management services to CGI, we gain a number of operational benefits that we would never be able to achieve by keeping operations in-house. Streamlining our IT function is in line with our objective to simplify our business, so that we can devote more energy and resources to developing our digital data services.”

“We are excited about expanding our partnership with Bisnode to serve as its sole provider of technology management services in Sweden,” said Pär Fors, who leads CGI’s operations in Sweden. “Through our local data center, we will deliver around-the-clock support, tight security and high quality, along with digital expertise and solutions for driving Bisnode’s performance and growth. We look forward to eventually expanding our partnership to support Bisnode’s global business. CGI not only has a presence in the same countries in which Bisnode operates, but also the global resources required for managing and transforming the company’s international operations.”