Aeriandi raises £1.5m Growth Capital Loan from BOOST&Co

PRESS RELEASE: Aeriandi, a leading supplier of voice security solutions, received an investment of £1.5M Growth Capital from BOOST&Co. Aeriandi secure voice solutions are used in highly complex infrastructures for call recording, archiving and PCI phone payments, fraud detection and speech analytics. Its pure SaaS solution delivers great functionality and security to large corporates.

CEO Matthew Bryars said: “We are excited to embark on our next phase of growth, leading the way with an exciting new set of solutions in voice security. The BOOST investment will now enable us to scale our development and sales capabilities”

Aeriandi is based in Oxford and employs over 40 people.

Lance Mysyrowicz, partner at BOOST&Co, says he is very happy to help the company grow to its next stage. “Aeriandi has a great range of products for voice security and compliance and we are very happy to help them expand their product range and their sales efforts.”

This is BOOST&Co’s fifth investment in the enterprise contact centre industry.