ASC’s Speech Analytics Solution Improves Customer Service at Advalia

PRESS RELEASE: ASC announced the successful implementation of its workforce optimization (WFO) solution including speech analytics for Advalia, an advanced business intelligence unit of Call & Call Group, focused on technological innovation of customer management and high-value Business Process Outsourcing services.

Advalia is using ASC’s WFO software, INSPIRATIONneo, for the financial contact center of an end-user customer, to provide transcription in conjunction with quality management. The solution transcribes agent and customer conversations into a text format for subsequent automated analysis. It was implemented by ADABUS, a partner in Italy for 23 years.

Marco Lombari, General Manager of Advalia, said, “Our main goal, automated verification of verbal orders in our back-office, has been fully achieved, saving us a lot of money and making our customer service much more efficient. Thanks to INSPIRATIONneo, we have automated, optimized and streamlined customer-related processes in just a few months.”

Marco Mueller, COO of ASC, added, “Our implementation of sophisticated WFO software has worked wonders for Advalia’s customers by generating valuable feedback for their entire organization. Our speech analytics solution helps them to filter out the most critical calls for agent training, improvement of internal processes and compliance with the latest regulations such as MiFID II. As such, it provides enterprise-wide benefits and optimizes the customer experience.”

ASC’s analytics software INSPIRATIONneo empowers high-volume contact centers with an otherwise unmanageable number of interactions. Its WFO suite also includes eLearning, workforce management and customer feedback, all available in a fail-safe redundant system. ASC’s solutions are promoted in Italy through a 23-year partnership with ADABUS. ADABUS implemented this project in conjunction with Advalia, through consulting, analysis, software development, installation and integration. ADABUS has sold more than 1,700 ASC solutions, and both companies plan to continue to work together closely in the future.