Clarabridge Powers New Customer Experience Revolution

During its annual customer experience conference C3, Clarabridge announced CX Revolution—a vision to empower brands with the necessary tools to integrate data-driven customer experience into the fabric of every business. Driving a CX Revolution ensures a universal focus on customer experience across all levels of the organization. This gives brands the power to take action to drive the best possible outcomes in a climate where one bad interaction can make or break a business.

Clarabridge is powering the CX Revolution through innovative product updates to the Clarabridge suite. AI-based Conversational Surveys, Omni-channel Case Management, BOT Integration and Predictive Analytics are just a few of the features that will drive major CX advances. These new features in combination with Clarabridge’s existing offerings—like world-class text analytics, comprehensive adapters to all customer data and thorough alerting and reporting—combine to provide brands with the most powerful platform available to help business perfect customer experience across the entire customer journey, ultimately leading to huge cost savings and increased revenue.

“Clarabridge just raised the bar,” said Mark Bishof, CEO of Clarabridge. “As the market leader in CX analytics, we continually look to drive our technology to the next level. With this announcement we introduce the most advanced CX solution available anywhere. CX Revolutions start with CEM leaders. Our platform provides brands with the most comprehensive tools they need to compete in this new wave by listening everywhere, analyzing everything and engaging everyone.”

In order for customers to predict outcomes and ensure a flawless customer experience now and in the future, the Clarabridge platform is empowering brands to revolutionize their business through a complete and factual understanding of the customer experience. Clarabridge’s CX Revolution focuses on three key areas of improvement, allowing companies to:

• Listen Everywhere: Gain a real-time, holistic understanding of the customer by easily connecting to and aggregating every possible source of customer data using adapters and APIs, from voice transcriptions and live chat interactions to social and online posts and surveys. New AI-driven Surveys let you engage in dynamic conversations with customers as feedback is collected. Interact in a two-way dialogue with customers on the channels they prefer to use. Establish a more genuine and warm relationship between you and your customer, ultimately strengthening brand loyalty.

• Analyze Everything: Move beyond simple satisfaction metrics to enterprise-wide customer connection. Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, Predictive and Outcome Analysis, come together to offer extensive, accurate, and trusted advice. Easily integrate your own algorithms for clarity and context within your business environment. Drive down costs and improve company metrics while providing a common understanding of the customer experience across your full team.

• Engage Everyone: Break down departmental silos. Empower employees to confidently handle customer interactions by providing them everything they need to properly and quickly address customer issues. Omni-channel Case Management, Dashboarding, Reporting, Alerts, and BOT APIs mean that companies can detect swings in sentiment, uncover the facts that drive innovation and foster an environment that encourages customer-aware engagement. Gone are the days of disconnected, disjointed customer experiences. Cross-functional collaboration results in smoother operations that are evident to every customer.

Clarabridge will be releasing these features starting in May of 2017, continuing the blitz of new solutions from over the last year including CX Contact Center, Clarabridge for Healthcare Insurance and Clarabridge for Banking.

These days, good customer experience is no longer a differentiator—it’s table stakes and consumers keep upping the ante. Consumers benchmark a business against their best customer experience overall, not just against your competitors. This is why every person in the business needs to be tuned into customer desire and sentiment, and feel empowered to meet customer expectations. Join the CX Revolution or become obsolete.