Meili Finance Selects Avaya “A Cloud” Contact Center-as-a-Service Solution to Support Business Growth

PRESS RELEASE: Avaya, a global leader of enterprise communications software, systems and services, announced that Meili Finance, an Internet consumer finance company in China, has chosen “A Cloud”, a contact center-as-a-service (CCaaS) solution, to support its rapid business growth.

Founded in 2015, Meili Finance was looking for a contact center solution that could support exponential business growth and scale services as required. Meili Finance was also looking for a solution that could help optimize its risk control system and improve efficiency in credit review, loan repayment and bad debt liquidation.

Meili Finance selected Avaya’s “A Cloud” solution, which applies a SaaS-based method to deploy contact centers. Allowing quick customization and on-demand deployment of contact center businesses, “A Cloud” provides a lighter and faster cloud experience in line with the Internet+ era. Enterprises can expand or reduce the service scale as needed with the pay-as-you-go, utility model. With the “A Cloud” solution, enterprises can reduce their one-time capital investment by 87% and continuous investment by 55%.

For Meili Finance, an optimized communications approach enables the company to quickly and effectively review the credit and liability status of an applicant to determine his/her repayment ability. The “A Cloud” omni-channel cloud customer experience solution combines social media such as WeChat and QQ with traditional voice communications and provides consumers with a seamless communication experience. “A Cloud” can also analyze and identify fraudulent phone numbers and automate services with user-based big data analysis, which is able to improve collection efficiency by 70% and help customers to reduce risks and optimize collection process.

“The seats in our contact center have increased from 50 when the system was launched in February 2016 to 500 at the end of 2016, and they are expected to expand to 1,500 at the end of 2017. Avaya’s solution enables the rapid and flexible development and deployment of contact center and hence business agility. We believe that ‘A Cloud’ can further support the high business growth of Meili Finance.” — Hou Jie, chief of technology R&D division, Meili Finance