NICE Optimizes Algar Tech’s Back Office Services with Real-Time Insights

PRESS RELEASE: NICE announced that Algar Tech, a Brazil-based business process outsourcer, has expanded its long-term partnership with NICE to bring the deep performance visibility of NICE Real Time Activity Monitoring (RTAM) and the optimization of NICE Workforce Management (WFM) into its back office operations. As a result, the company has seen rapid and dramatic improvements in employee productivity and process efficiency, significantly increasing cost-effectiveness across its operations.

Algar Tech, with nearly 20 years of market experience and 300 clients, employs 8,500 agents in its Brazilian contact centers and 2,350 back office personnel in 73 offices. Having benefited from the control and insight of NICE WFM in its contact center front office operations for more than a decade, the company turned to NICE for performance optimization in the back office when it needed to raise productivity to keep up with growing client demand. NICE and its Brazilian partner Wittel expanded the WFM solution and implemented NICE RTAM, leveraging experience and methodologies already in place in Algar Tech’s front office operations for a rapid back office transformation.

Combining the desktop monitoring capabilities of NICE RTAM with WFM in the back office, as well as multi-channel service in five languages, NICE provides detailed, consistent and real-time information on employee activities in a single dashboard. Algar Tech managers are able to identify specifically which employee desktops are active, idle or locked, and for how long, for more accurate performance analytics. This granular activity monitoring generated adherence reports and actionable information to improve planning, assessments, managing and coaching, increasing engagement among the entire back office services team.

Algar Tech quickly saw measurable results in workforce efficiency. Back office team employees now spend more time in active use of productive applications and complete more tasks per day, which has increased productivity by up to 31 percent. By providing higher levels of back office service with fewer agents, the company is able to transfer designated employees to other services it provides that might be currently undermanned. These improvements in personnel allocation have increased cost-effectiveness in the Algar Tech workforce by 20 percent.

Fernando Polati da Silveira, Algar Tech Director of Customer Management: “With the NICE WFM and RTAM integration, we improved visibility, resource allocation, engagement and productivity in our back office services. The performance metrics the solution made available guided improvements in planning, managing and coaching among our back office teams.”

Luiz Camargo, General Manager, NICE Brazil and the Southern Cone: “The project developed for Algar Tech is a good example of how back office optimization is increasingly becoming a priority for many companies, requiring much more accurate performance visibility. We were able to rapidly provide Algar Tech that back office transformation, in part by extending NICE’s technology and processes from their front office operations. Algar Tech saw impressive improvements in productivity, with initial results in just a few weeks, demonstrating how the NICE solutions are helping leading business process outsourcers reinvent customer service.”