Teleperformance Launches Sophisticated AI-Powered Chat Bots with Capabilities in 35 Languages

PRESS RELEASE: Teleperformance announced the launch of its chat bot (artificial intelligence) technology, increasing its portfolio of services. The new solution was leveraged by a strategic partnership with Artificial Solutions, a technology leader in artificial intelligence and Natural Language Interaction (NLI).

Teleperformance provides services in 265 languages and will initially provide artificial intelligence services in 35 languages, using sophisticated chat bots with state-of-the-art natural language understanding and intelligence capabilities. The chat bots can assist customers in factual inquiries by offering automated customer services in natural written language. Teleperformance has developed a distinctive capability of blending chat bots with live support to make the process of addressing customer inquiries seamless, personalized and efficient.

“Our goal is to always optimize the customer experience on every interaction regardless of the channels utilized. The impact and potential of blending artificial intelligence technology with a personalized human touch in Customer Experience Management is exciting for the industry and for Teleperformance. The Group continues to be ahead of the market in delivering the best integration between human and automation support for our clients, said Paulo César Salles Vasques, Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Teleperformance Group. Our partnership with Artificial Solutions allows Teleperformance to provide yet another best-in-class solution to support the digital transformation strategy of our clients.”

“Customer interactions with brands is a mix of rational and emotional. In addition to objective digital information, human interaction and emotion is fundamental to processing requests and influencing decisions, said João Cardoso, Head of AI, Teleperformance Group. Therefore, as we integrate AI, we increase the ease of resolving inquires requiring rational answers, and we give more space to our agents to address the relationship with the customers.”

“Most industries are experiencing a continuous increase in the frequency of the interactions with customers. They demand easy access to information and instant availability from brands to help with straightforward and customized requests, said Lawrence Flynn, Chief Executive Officer, Artificial Solutions. We are very proud to be able to partner with Teleperformance. They are the clear leader within their market, and they continue to set new standards by integrating artificial solutions to improve the worldwide customer experience across all industries.”