Callglide uses Aculab Cloud in Salesforce CRM integration

PRESS RELEASE: Aculab, a leading provider of deployment proven telephony APIs for the global communications market, is pleased to announce Callglide’s use of Aculab Cloud in its Salesforce CRM integration.

As a Salesforce ISV Partner offering strategic consultancy to businesses, primarily in the financial, retail, communications and public sectors, Callglide understands the needs of the businesses it serves. That understanding led it to develop a customer contact centre solution, based on Aculab Cloud APIs, and which binds together all inbound and outbound communication channels, right inside Salesforce CRM.

Using Aculab Cloud, Callglide’s tightly integrated Salesforce solution is linked to customer records within the CRM, with Aculab Cloud providing local numbers, low call rates and underpinning many productivity features.

Requiring no equipment purchase, Callglide offers businesses an easy to deploy, sophisticated, and scalable telephony component that already has added value to several organisations using Salesforce CRM. Callglide’s ‘knowledge base’ integration means that the visibility of customer records aligned with calling activity is routine, presenting a single user interface, from which the payback of greater productivity has been achieved. Users initiating calls directly from within the CRM, for example, have naturally seen significant efficiency gains.

According to Peter Ryan, CEO of Callglide, they decided to use the Aculab Cloud platform for its Salesforce CRM integration, because it’s based on Aculab’s deployment proven telephony software. “That gave us a huge confidence boost, right from the start,” stated Ryan, continuing, “and furthermore, its scalable, pay-as-you-go model was exactly what we wanted to be able to build in to our Salesforce customer offering. Aculab supported us with an up front consultative approach, and provided excellent guidance and support throughout.”

“We are delighted that Callglide chose Aculab Cloud for its Salesforce integration, and see its inherent scalability reinforcing the business growth plans of Callglide, with whom we are already seeing increasing call volumes, a sure sign of mutual success,” commented David Samuel, CEO of Aculab.