CloudCherry Adds Customer Effort Score to Its VOC Platform; Helps Organizations Track and Improve Service Efficiency

PRESS RELEASE: The Customer Effort Score (CES) is a customer loyalty metric widely used to determine the amount of effort customers put in to getting a query addressed or issue resolved. This metric can now be tracked on CloudCherry’s Customer Experience platform in real-time.

Quick and efficient customer service is essential to keep customers happy. There is increased awareness to find out how easy it is for a customer to interact with brands, convey their queries/complaints and have them resolved. Studies have shown that lower customer effort increases loyalty and willingness to recommend an organization, and hence the need to track CES and ensure that customers can effectively and efficiently get their issues resolved.

Organizations can quickly set up the CES question “How much effort did you put forth to resolve this issue?” or “The company made it easy for me to resolve this complaint” and get customers to answer on a 5-point or a 7-point scale.

This is especially helpful in contact centers that deal with a large number of customer requests and issues on a day-to-day basis. Measuring the Customer Effort Score using CloudCherry enables contact centers to focus on making customer interactions easy and effortless by asking the CES question at the end of each interaction to assess the extent of customer effort expended.

CloudCherry’s Customer Experience dashboard also delivers actionable insights based on CES. This helps organizations review internal processes, identify loopholes or bottlenecks in customer service departments and their products/services, and also improve several other metrics such as first call resolution and response time. Additionally, it is also possible to set real-time notifications and alerts that notify the concerned department whenever customers are spending more effort than needed at any point across the customer journey. This way companies can proactively address customer experience bottlenecks.

Speaking about this addition, Arvi Krishnaswamy, VP-Product at CloudCherry said, “CES is perhaps the simplest, overarching, reportable and actionable measure of brand loyalty. Successful brands today instrument all stages of their customer journeys to understand the effort involved, and drive organizational CX efforts to improve gaps in experience.”

CloudCherry’s centralized Customer Experience dashboard gives organizations access to insights gained from the Customer Effort Score in tandem with other metrics like Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) to identify ways to drive loyalty as well as reduce customer dissatisfaction during service requests.