Multitone Solution Chosen to Manage Communications at Canary Wharf Retail

Multitone Electronics plc, a specialist in the design, manufacture and implementation of integrated communication systems, announces that its Mall Call communications system has been chosen by Canary Wharf Group for its retail facilities.

Peter Lomax, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Multitone, commented, “We are delighted that Canary Wharf Group has chosen to use Multitone’s Mall Call solution to manage communications with retail tenants. With over 490 Mall Call Units being installed, more than 300 stores, banks, services and restaurants over five malls will be covered. Mall Call is designed as a dedicated communications tool and is perfect for a busy and extensive large-scale site, from sending service alerts to tackling crime and managing major events.”

The flexibility, reliability and security of Mall Call is perfectly suited to the needs of a large retail management team. Peter continued: “The scope of communications requirements at Canary Wharf is vast, from everyday planning messages (such as opening times or maintenance), to dealing with shoplifters or even potentially an emergency and evacuation. Mall Call enables the estate management team to instantly communicate with the security teams and retail tenants when required.”

Lee England at Canary Wharf Shopping also commented, “The Mall Call solution was ideal for our communication needs. The system has scope far beyond that which we are utilising initially and we look forward to the benefits of a long term partnership with Multitone.”

Based upon Multitone’s powerful i-Message platform, Mall Call is designed to provide high levels of communications availability to all relevant teams, with a tailored interface for the bespoke requirements of the specific applications and organisation using it. Mall Call uses a robust and seamless touchscreen interface, which can be utilised on any suitable smart device including a smart watch. The whole system will be hosted on a secure fixed and wireless system at Canary Wharf for full control of communications.

From a user’s point of view, communications centre around the Mall Call Units, which are tamper-proof, fixed tablet-style devices that fully utilise the multi-content facility of the system and will be installed with each retailer. Along with text information and audible alerts, Mall Call also allows for the sharing of graphics or photo images and documents. This could be used for regular admin updates from the facilities team, warnings on known suspects to identify criminal individuals or to find a lost child or missing person, for example.

Peter Lomax concluded, “With Phase One of the project underway, we are working closely with the team at Canary Wharf Group to investigate potential ways of expanding the project in the future. For example, Mall Call can be utilised over multiple sites, which offers further scope for expansion should it be required moving forward.”