Atento Presents Atento Digital in Spain, the Company’s New Business Unit to Drive Customer Experience in the Digital Age

Atento the leading provider of customer relationship management and business process outsourcing services (CRM/BPO) in Latin America presented its recently created business unit Atento Digital in Spain today. The business unit integrates all of the company’s digital assets to generate additional value for clients and drive growth across verticals and geographies.

Atento Digital integrates digital marketing tools, automatization of front and back office customer processes and a robust omnichannel platform to generate efficiency and results for customer’s acquisition, management and retention. It also provides solutions to advance digital transformation processes while making the most of existing systems.

Atento Digital’s mainstream offering encompasses a range of services including online sales, digital customer care, digital technical support, digital HR and digital collections, all delivered through Atento’s omnichannel platform integrating traditional and digital channels. Atento’s digital offering also includes consulting capabilities and the use of analytics and automatization tools to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of customer related processes.

Atento is at the forefront of the digital transformation impacting customer relationship services in Spain. José María Pérez Melber, Managing Director of Atento in Spain and the EMEA Region, commented, “Our commitment to the market consists in offering the best customer experience in the interactive era, which requires greater agility and efficiency when obtaining, analyzing and managing information on customers and customer relationships. That is why we are investing in initiatives such as Atento Digital, to help companies advance their digital transformations and making customer relationships more efficient thanks to digital marketing, greater automation and the use of analytics.”

David Cardoso, Atento Digital Global Director, said, “Creating Atento Digital consolidates the digital assets developed by our company over the years in a business unit, and enables us to expand our digital capacity through global strategic alliances. As a result, we are significantly reinforcing our commitment to enhance the customer experience in the digital age. We have major expectations for growth for this new business unit in the Spanish market given the acceleration in the adoption of digital technologies to improve the customer experience experienced in this country.”

Evolution of digital services in Spain in 2017

Digital services currently account for 12% of Atento’s activity in Spain. Atento offers digital solutions to major sector-leading companies including BBVA, Repsol, AENA, MediaMarkt and Telefónica. It has a workforce of over 200 professionals in Spain who work exclusively in managing the customer experience on social networks, chats and instant messaging. This figure increases to over 1.000 if we include services provided via more consolidated digital channels such as email and web forms.

Atento Spain has seen an exponential increase in interactions on digital channels during the first half of 2017, managing over two million interactions on chats, social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), and instant messaging (WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.). It has also developed and implemented various artificial intelligence projects to maximize the opportunities provided by digital technologies in managing the customer experience. The company specializes in automated smart interactions using IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems, with over four out of ten million ‘self-managed’ processes; and in using SMS as a legal communication tool, with over one million messages sent, of which 20% were certified.

By launching its new digital unit Atento expects to exponentially increase activity on digital channels in Spain (chat + social networks + instant messaging) by the end of 2017. The company also estimates that managing processes via emails and back office activity will double during this period.

Atento is the leading provider of customer related digital services in Latin America with a share of 11% in a market totaling 1 billion USD and with growth rates averaging above 9% in the coming five years (company estimates).

Digital services offer in Spain

The services proposed by Atento Digital in Spain focus on Omnichannel Customer Service, which includes customer management across multiple channels and can integrates the monitoring and management of consumer opinions in social media; the 100% Online Sales solution to market any type of product or service 100% online; Digital Technical Support, including services to develop portals, create and manage online support content, simulators, explanatory videos, animations, BOTs, smart FAQs, social media and video customer service; and the Smart Back Office Solution, a complete and integrated platform that covers all customer service cycles, from assistance to internal management services.

The presentation of Atento Digital in Spain was led by José María Pérez Melber, Managing Director of Atento Spain, and David Cardoso, Atento Digital Global Director, at the Leading the Transformation event organized by Atento in collaboration with the Madrid Regional Government. Other participants included Juan Pablo Lázaro, President of CEIM, Irene Navarro, General Manager of Madrid Excelente, Maite González, Endesa B2C and B2B Client Director and Alfredo Carrión, Digital Strategy Manager of KPMG Spain.