Moxie Launches Kbot: a Knowledge Bot to Accelerate Ecommerce Without Human Assistance

Moxie Software, a leading provider of digital commerce solutions, is announcing a new application as part of its Concierge© platform. Moxie’s Kbot™ application is a new digital engagement solution that enables companies to effectively guide their customers through the entire digital journey, without the need for human assistance.

From completing quote and application forms to booking travel reservations or checking out of an online shopping cart, Kbot provides the information customers need to complete a task quickly and efficiently.


Moxie’s Kbot brings an automated, yet intelligent, dimension to the online and mobile customer experience, most notably through contextual guidance. Contextual guidance is the presentation of useful snippets of information to consumers during the online purchasing process based on specific behaviors or page elements that indicate opportunity or struggle. For example, contextual guidance can be used to present specific plan information to an online customer who appears to be struggling with insurance coverage options. Kbot automates the presentation of this contextual information and therefore can scale with a customer’s growing business, reducing the need for costly human staffed engagement options.


According to BI Intelligence, $2.75 trillion of abandoned orders are recoverable annually. Moxie customers already using Kbot have reduced abandonment, increased conversion, customer engagement, and customer satisfaction. For instance, a North American insurance company is utilizing the Kbot application to guide customers through the insurance quoting and application process by offering snippets of useful information at specific struggle points in the online insurance process. Since deploying Kbot, the company has seen the number of quotes initiated increase by over 30 percent and the number of quotes completed increase by over 70 percent. Additionally, the company has experienced an over 50 percent increase in the value of products sold when the customer is guided by Kbot.

“While search engines deliver traffic and analytics engines provide insights to customer behavior and struggle, Moxie’s Kbot application gives companies a new opportunity to guide customers at the moment of struggle resulting in higher conversion rates,” said Nikhil Govindaraj, SVP Products, Moxie. “Customers are seeking advice, Kbot enables the business to deliver advice at scale”.


  • Delivers snippets of useful information to assist customers in completing digital commerce tasks such as,

Selecting the right product,
Completing a purchase, and
Moving past a struggle point (e.g. invalid coupon codes);

  • Proactive notifications guide customers along the buying journey;
  • Designed for mobile, tablet and desktop;
  • Dashboards for insight and continuous solution improvement
  • Simple for non-technical business users to create and maintain; and
  • Optional escalation to assisted digital channels via Chat or Email.

Kbot is available immediately.