Cogito Releases New Version of Cogito Dialog to Augment the Emotional Intelligence of Call Centre Representatives

Cogito, the leader in real-time emotional intelligence solutions, announced a new version of Cogito Dialog, the only system that provides live guidance to improve phone representatives’ emotional intelligence. Based on analysis of millions of calls and advancements in behavioral research, the new version augments human intelligence, helping employees in their most important sales and service moments to increase productivity and customer loyalty.

Benefits to Employees, Managers and Customers

Sales and service representatives in the insurance, health insurance and financial services industries work in fast paced and stressful environments. They must effectively control customer conversations that are often complex and emotionally-charged. The new version of Cogito helps representatives better navigate these conversations, increasing customer and employee satisfaction. With the assistance of Cogito, managers can exceed operational goals such as increasing employee engagement, reducing handle time and increasing first-call resolution, directly leading to improved customer lifetime value.

New features in this release include:

  • An improved Cogito Experience Score that leverages behavioral signal analysis and machine learning to provide instant objective insight into the customer’s satisfaction for every call
  • A more intuitive user experience that presents in-call, streaming notifications for representatives in a manner that best supports their working style and environment
  • Enhanced in-call notifications including Empathy Cue, which provides representatives predictive insight into a customer’s changing emotional state
  • More robust in-call advice including useful tips on how representatives can adjust their speaking behavior for better outcomes
  • A post-call summary that provides positive reinforcement and constructive feedback directly to representatives, helping them learn and self-improve
  • A robust supervisor experience that allows them to observe in-call behavior as it happens, enables live call intervention and objective employee feedback helping managers lead high performing teams

“Companies will leverage behavioral science, coupled with intelligence, to provide live speaking guidance to representatives during sophisticated and emotional conversations. This technology will coach the agent in real time to show genuine care and empathy,” said Kate Leggett, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester.

“The latest version of Cogito was built based on feedback from some of the world’s largest enterprises and our analysis of millions of calls from thousands of representatives,” said Joshua Feast, CEO at Cogito. “Our behavioral science experts spend an extraordinary amount of time researching human behavior and working closely with users and our machine learning team to ensure our software drives positive behavioral change. I am very proud of the impact this release is having for our clients, their employees and their customers.”


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