HGS Partners with Inbenta to Enhance Customer Experience Solutions with AI Enablement of Bots & Brains™

Hinduja Global Solutions (HGS) announced an innovative partnership with Inbenta, the natural language processing and AI company. This partnership will enhance HGS’s CX offerings for customers by providing a more efficient and seamless omnichannel integration of the HGS Bots & Brains approach to deliver smart two-way conversations that help consumers get to the right answer, fast.

HGS is the business process outsourcing (BPO) leader in providing unified customer experience solutions that start with self-service while leveraging analytics and AI to successfully manage conversations without the need for human intervention. Inbenta is a leader in self-service technology that uses AI and natural language processing to increase customer satisfaction and overall happiness, contributing to a company’s bottom line. Together, HGS and Inbenta bring unmatched expertise and experience to strategically address consumer challenges and evolve the traditional call center approach. As a result, clients can expect tools that enable conversations to start in any channel of convenience for the customer, from chat to text to social messaging, and pivot seamlessly to human assistance, helping customers get the answers they need without having to start over each time.

“We are thrilled to partner with Inbenta to provide AI-powered technology and offer customers advanced contact resolution which smoothly transitions from bot to human,” said Parikshit Kalra, SVP, Solutions and Capabilities. “HGS’s commitment has always been to create win-win solutions and put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer. This partnership with Inbenta brings together two leading drivers of optimized CX to allow for better integration of bots and brains and ensure that our clients stay ahead of consumer demands for better business results.”

“HGS’s expertise in designing and implementing omnichannel experiences delivers unparalleled customer service experiences for its customers,” says Jordi Torras, Inbenta’s CEO and Founder. “Inbenta’s conversational chatbot technology enriches HGS’s existing solution by enabling quality self-service through intelligent AI conversation and a new way of buying product online through conversational commerce, which will insightfully direct users to the exact information they need, decrease the cost of serving the customer, while encouraging a better online customer experience.”

HGS and Inbenta’s business solution helps companies meet the growing needs of today’s customer. Inbenta will give organizations the ability to add highly conversational, AI-powered chatbot technology to their HGS solution. An important part of the integration is the ability to have “conversational context” carryover, or the transition of the full conversation to a live agent, should one be needed. This carryover capability, which occurs in real time and with fully configurable escalation triggers, is available out-of-the-box for easy enterprise adoption.