Q-nomy Enhances Its Omnichannel Customer Journey Management Suite with New AI Chatbot

Q-nomy, a leading global provider of omnichannel customer journey and experience optimization solutions, announced the release of myVisit Chatbot, which enables service providers to provide their customers with an option to converse with a computerized AI agent for locating nearby stores or branches, as well as booking appointments at the desired location.

Chatbots are currently the hottest trend in B2C communications, offering customers the benefit of freely conversing with the business without having to wait for a human agent to become available, thus providing great savings to the business compared with agent interactions.

“Q-nomy’s chatbot is a natural extension of our omnichannel customer-journey management offering”, says Eran Reuveni, Executive VP at Q-nomy – “it enables businesses to convert digital leads, or any unresolved chatbot conversation, to face-to-face interactions where human agents can ensure customer satisfaction and sell more relevant products. The chatbot technology we use ensures this conversion is swift and cost-effective as possible.”

Q-nomy already offers an entire suite of solutions for omnichannel journey optimization, including enterprise appointment scheduling software, online and mobile self-service applications, and other back-office and customer-facing components, all based on its Q-Flow software platform. The myVisit Chatbot is an add-on to this software suite, and as of today is available to every organization using the Q-Flow platform.