Enghouse Interactive boosts Omnichannel Management and Outbound Services profile segmentation with innovative features in Presence Suite Version 11

Enghouse Interactive launched the new version 11.0 of its Presence Suite Multichannel Contact Center solution, boosting customer experience and improving customer service operations.

This new version includes innovative features that enhance the agent´s experience, through real-time collaboration with contact center supervisors enabling immediate assistance via chat and quick access to observe service, whispering and barge-in functionalities.

Another differentiating feature is the outbound campaign load segmentation based on profile matching. This allows specific agents working on an outbound service, to be assigned to manage a subset of contacts that match a profile criteria, resulting in higher conversion rates, customer satisfaction and efficiency.

Version 11 improves customer experience through the new omnichannel interaction viewer. The viewer automatically associates different multichannel interactions to track the customer´s journey on a unified audit trail, allowing customer service representatives to deliver better experiences.

Additionally, Substantial improvements were made to the way agent´s scripting content is visualized, , allowing more agile and efficient data presentation, capture and validation through this interface.

Version 11 delivers on the Company´s commitment to optimize its OpenGate architecture, minimize hardware requirements, reduce TCO and increase the number of concurrent agents per setup. In addition, it continues the evolution implemented in the OpenGate system core version 10.3 and the improvements introduced in the CDR storage and configuration of the system.

Francisco Segovia, CTO at Enghouse Interactive/Presence comments; “ We have managed to advance on the traditional strengths of the Presence Suite, such as outbound dialing, which is already highly regarded . The new features in the Suite, provide our customers with a new set of advanced functionalities that will make their customer service areas more productive and efficient”.

“Being part of Enghouse Interactive allows us to improve our product, and share knowledge and technological innovations developed by the other Enghouse research and development teams around the world. Presence Suite version 11 benefits from these synergies delivering a competitive and effective solution which can meet any contact center need,” affirms Alfredo González, Product Director of Enghouse Interactive-Presence.