New Genesys Subscription Model Paves Way for Growth and Flexibility

Genesys®, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact center solutions, is expanding its consumption model and bringing new flexibility for on-premises and cloud customers by offering new subscription and customer success options for PureConnect™ and PureEngage™. Genesys PureCloud®, the company’s cloud-only solution, is already available as a subscription.

Subscription allows organizations to “lease” with more flexibility and at a lower up-front cost — avoiding the large initial capital expenditure associated with the traditional perpetual licensing model. It also offers contact centers the latitude to temporarily increase capacity to better handle bursts of high demand, and to adjust their mix of licenses to meet changing needs. Companies benefit from reduced risk and faster time-to-value, as well as having a migration path to the cloud.

“By adding subscription to its consumption options for all its offers, Genesys is making it easier and less expensive for both existing and prospective customers to upgrade their customer experience technology solutions,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst for McGee-Smith Analytics. “What makes the new Genesys subscription plan unique is that the company has paired the flexibility of re-mixing licenses and bursting seats with PureSuccess™, a comprehensive set of support offers for customers and partners.”

With subscription, PureSuccess provides customers even greater return-on-investment by bundling services based on the level of involvement and assistance an organization needs from Genesys. PureSuccess combines knowledge, tools, and engagements from the company’s business consulting, professional services, education, and customer care functions to provide full-journey assistance, as well as the flexibility to tailor each offer to achieve specific outcomes.

“The new subscriptions and customer success offers make it easier and more affordable for businesses of all sizes to control how they deliver a premium experience to their end-customers,” said Tom Eggemeier, president of Genesys. “Subscription reinforces our commitment to continuously bring value to our customers and provides a long-term relationship of mutual benefit.”

Eggemeier added, “This innovative and flexible model allows customers and partners to easily address evolving business needs, whether an eventual move to the cloud, seasonal peaks, or fluctuations in channel demand.”

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