Plum Voice Enables Automated, PCI-Compliant Payments Over the Phone with Stripe

Plum Voice announced a new integration with Stripe, a technology company that builds economic infrastructure for the internet. Plum Voice customers can now seamlessly add a voice channel to their payment portfolio, giving their own customers the freedom to make payments anytime, from anywhere.

Businesses powered by Stripe will also be able to use Plum Voice’s technology to process orders over the phone.

Companies that take advantage of this integration have access to a self-service payment processing application on Fuse+, Plum’s PCI-compliant interactive voice response (IVR) platform. The application uses APIs to seamlessly retrieve account details and process payments associated with a Stripe account-all without the need of live agents.

“The flexibility of both the Plum Fuse+ and Stripe platforms make deploying pay-by-phone applications easier than ever. Businesses can start accepting payments by phone in mere days. With its digital footprint and flexible APIs, Stripe makes the entire payment process easy.” commented Plum Voice COO, Scott Wilson.

Businesses can customize and update the application to best fit the needs of their customers and their business. Companies can do this on their own, using Plum’s Fuse+ platform, which offers an intuitive, visual call-flow editor. Fuse+ is so easy to use, companies can deploy production applications in hours or days, instead of weeks or months.

Plum optimized its IVR application to process more payments over the phone by streamlining the customer self-service experience. With its robust, customizable feature set and integrated tracking and analytics, Plum users experience a balance of high automation with high customer satisfaction.