U.S. Football’s Biggest Game Once Again Powered by Avaya’s Unified Communications

Trusted for the eighth-consecutive year to power the communications of the biggest event in U.S. football, Avaya Holdings Corp and partner WBL Services have once again teamed up in Minneapolis, MN to deliver reliable, secure Unified Communications between players, coaches, league officials and media – both on and off the field.

On the biggest Sunday of the year, Avaya’s 21st-Century technology and solutions will span U.S. Bank Stadium’s 1.75 million square feet to connect critical communications from the field, to the officials, to the upper boxes where crucial game-time decisions are made. The congratulatory call from the league president to the winning team will also be made on Avaya.

Providing 99.99% reliability and uptime, the Avaya Platform will be relied upon by the 5,000-credentialed media providing coverage and real-time updates to the 111 million football fans around the globe. Experience is everything in sports and entertainment, and during the most-watched annual sporting event in the United States, there can be no disruption to communications.

In the week leading up to the Big Game, the two competing teams will also be strategizing, game planning and communicating on the Avaya IP Office™ Platform. Whether at their hotel, practice field or any number of media events or parties throughout the city, players, coaches and team officials will enjoy seamless team engagement across 9611 endpoints and mobile-first, video-enabled experiences with the Avaya Equinox™ Experience.

A transportation call center will be set up to dispatch transportation for media, press and team to and from the stadium for site walk-throughs, warm-ups, and the game itself. And once on-site, the entire stadium will be laced with Avaya’s Communication Manager for instant ring down capabilities and media needs. Avaya will also provide a mobile command center at nearby facilities for game day operations personnel, as well as command center for league security and local law enforcement officials who will be charged with keeping thousands of fans and players safe.

In addition to Sunday’s Big Game, WBL Services – in partnership with Avaya – provides the management of technology, data and telecommunications for major events such as the College Football Playoff National Championship Game, the Hall of Fame Game and the US Football Draft “The Big Draft”. The system overlay created by Avaya and WBL marries existing legacy technologies such as analog, ISDN requirements and DCP sets with today’s IP telephony capabilities within all areas in and around the mega sports complex. This is especially important in outlier areas that are critical for preventing power outages throughout the 1.75 million square foot venue.

“There’s a reason why the world’s biggest sporting events rely on Avaya. In a fast-paced, dynamic environment where the goalposts are always moving, you need critical communications that are reliable, flexible and scalable. We continue to work with Avaya because they deliver excellent value, high quality and speed with the highest level of security, service and hustle.” –Bill Lipscomb, president, WBL Services

“Avaya is proud to provide Unified Communications for the Biggest Game in Football for the eighth straight year. When it comes to providing innovative flexible, mobile communications technologies that

deliver seamless connectivity for teams in their most crucial moments and drive the ultimate fan engagement experience, we have built somewhat of a dynasty in the world of live sports and entertainment.” –David Chavez, vice president, Architecture & Innovation, Avaya