NICE Enables Enterprises to Enter the Automation Economy Via First of its Kind ‘Robotic Process Automation for Dummies’ Book

NICE announced the launch of its ‘Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for Dummies’ book – an industry first for the RPA domain. This new book provides enterprises looking to harness RPA as well as those with existing practices with an expert point of reference and useful and proven tools for succeeding in their journey. For a complimentary download of the NICE asset, please click here.

Written in the well-known and easy to understand “Dummies” format, NICE “RPA for Dummies’ offers a first of its kind, comprehensive overview of Robotic Process Automation. Importantly, the book also points out how robots are being leveraged today by forward looking organizations to improve customer service, ease the burden on contact center employees, speed up response times as well as streamline efficiency and related costs.

With organizations increasingly looking to tap into the power of robotics for customer service, this new book acts as a guide when looking to source the right vendor to match their needs. The asset covers a gamut of topics such as how to get started, best practices for building automations, attended automation, adding cognitive automation, setting up a Center of Excellence and practical tips on the do’s and don’ts, offering valuable insights that can be put into practice easily and quickly.

The NICE Robotic Process Automation solution speeds up productivity, improves process accuracy, and customer satisfaction by implementing routine and repetitive tasks in a customer service workflow much faster than human employees, more accurately and with complete adherence to company policies. Uniquely, the NICE solution can seamlessly combine desktop (attended) and robotic (unattended) automations in real time to ensure the performance of more complex end-to-end processes. This innovative combination optimizes the collaboration between human employees and robots, contributing towards achieving authentic digital transformation within organizations.

Miki Migdal, President, NICE Enterprise Product Group said “This book is a first in the Robotic Process Automation industry and we’re proud to offer it to our customers and the market as a guide for best practices in this arena. Our recent ranking as a Leader and Star Performer by the Everest Group in its PEAK Matrix 2018 is yet another testament to NICE RPAs innovative capabilities, and we’re pleased to collate our decade and a half of experience and proven successes driven expertise into this book.”