Conectys Expands to a Second Site in the Philippines

Conectys, the recognized leader in multilingual and multicultural outsourcing services, today announced that it has opened its seventh global delivery site and second in the Philippines.

The new facility, based in Iloilo, further extends the Philippines operations with 550 operational seats. With this addition, Conectys now has 1100 total seats in the Philippines. Iloilo builds upon Conectys’ global outsourcing services and delivers accent-free English for the North American market as well as Asian and European languages including Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Indonesian, German, French, and Spanish, extending Conectys’ multilingual and multicultural delivery capability to more than 35 global languages.

Conectys now has more than 1850 operational seats across its seven centers in Romania, Belgium, Taiwan, the U.S. and the Philippines, reinforcing its ability to handle global, multilingual and culturally compatible outsourcing operations for challenger brands and established organizations.

The new facility is state of the art and equipped for business continuity, including power backup, real-time automated failover, load balancing between sites and real-time replication of critical data. The facility is also fully PCI DSS compliant ensuring the secure processing of payment transactions. Security is further strengthened with biometric access systems.

“The new Iloilo site is instrumental to our client’s growth strategy. From our experience in the region, we found that Iloilo provides an excellent labor pool, superior employee retention, a lower cost of service, and has a lower propensity to natural disasters compared to other more saturated locations in the Philippines, such as Manila and Cebu”, said Arnold Cobbaert, CEO of Conectys. “With our new Iloilo center, we continue extending our global delivery footprint and we broaden our access to talent. We are excited to continue to build upon our success in the Philippines.”