Virtual 24/7 Health Advice Service Becomes a Reality for babylon with DataStax

Getting a doctor consultation at a time that suits you can be incredibly difficult, especially at short notice. Using new technologies and artificial intelligence, babylon provides users with constant access to virtual consultations with doctors and health care professionals via text, video messaging and AI technology, based on DataStax Enterprise.

DataStax, powering the Right-Now Enterprise with the always-on, distributed cloud database built on Apache Cassandra™ and designed for hybrid cloud, enables online health service provider babylon to power its real-time application service with DataStax Enterprise (DSE).

With more than 1.4 million members spanning the UK and Rwanda, babylon offers real-time, personalised health advice via mobile devices, keeping its members’ records secure at all times. babylon needed a technology partner that could support delivering ‘health advice in an instant,’ using a scalable and comprehensive data layer.

“babylon members want access to professional health advice when it suits them, 24/7. With our service, there’s no question of waiting days for an appointment. Our members like the convenience of using our AI-powered Chatbot and the convenience of speaking via video to a doctor from their mobile phone. From a data perspective, we required an ‘always-on’ data layer to support this service,” said Mohammad Khodadadi, Director of Data at babylon. “We chose DataStax Enterprise because it works at massive scale and has the right security infrastructure in place. Using DSE, we can deliver real-time consultations and prepare for international growth as we expand the number of countries that we operate in.”

DataStax Enterprise provides resiliency and continuous availability for applications, enabling companies to grow their services so that they remain scalable, responsive and accessible at all times. Using DSE, companies can deploy applications in the cloud around the world while keeping firm control over where specific sets of data are stored, who has access to them and how that data is used over time. DSE helps companies effortlessly build and scale their apps by integrating graph, search, analytics, administration, developer tooling, and monitoring into a single unified platform.

“Healthcare data is particularly sensitive, while access to trained clinical experts can be incredibly time-consuming to arrange. babylon’s approach, based on DSE, solves both of these issues and supports patients getting treatment advice right now, when they need it and over the channel that best suits them,” said Martin James, Regional Vice President Northern Europe at DataStax. “Enterprises are looking to deliver better experiences to customers, and the healthcare sector is no exception – patients can get advice delivered to them in the moment with babylon and DataStax. We’re pleased that our technology can support such an important goal.”