Two-Thirds of IT Chiefs Say Absence of Artificial Intelligence Will Lead to a Loss of Customers

Two-thirds (66%) of senior IT decision-makers believe failure to adopt artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to a loss of competitiveness, research by global reviews and customer insights company Feefo has found.

96% also say that AI will have a positive effect on customer-engagement in their organization, while 45% believe that personalization is where the biggest gains will be made.

The findings were revealed in a survey of 100 senior IT decision-makers, covering their attitudes towards AI and its adoption in their respective organizations. 61% of respondents said they are using, or will use AI for customer-service analysis and intervention.

Almost half (46%) said their organization is using or plans to use AI to provide personalized summaries of online reviews, with 100% in the accommodation and food sectors saying they will use AI in this way.

“If you are serious about personalizing customer-engagement you’ve got to use AI,” said Matt West, CMO, Feefo. “It’s encouraging that this message is getting through, but we need to see a lot more businesses actually using AI to transform the way they personalize their interactions with customers.”

The survey found that while 42% of IT chiefs selected chatbots as the AI technology they are using or will use, 53% want to use AI’s predictive capabilities to engage with customers by anticipating their requirements.

In other findings, the survey revealed considerable diversity between sectors in how IT decision-makers will measure the success of AI in customer-engagement. Half of those in wholesale and retail (50%) are seeking greater customer-retention, compared with a cross-industry average of 31%. Some 67% in the professional, scientific and technical sector, on the other hand want to see increased rates of customer-satisfaction.

“It’s clear that businesses can use AI for different objectives in customer-engagement,” said West. “But the time for talk is over. We now need to see some real investment in AI to enable companies to truly delight and retain the loyalty of their customers.”

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