AAA Chooses Panviva as a Preferred Supplier of Cloud Knowledge Management

Panviva, the premier provider of cloud-based knowledge management solutions and real-time performance support, announced today they have been named a Preferred Supplier to AAA. AAA provides automotive membership services to more than 54 million members across North America.

Panviva will provide AAA’s regional motor clubs the ability to use their cloud-based knowledge management software in their member support centers to ensure consistency across all call centers and branches, in multiple locations, promoting one single source of truth and ensuring consistent messaging to members across all channels.

Panviva’s effectiveness in improving customer service, reducing training time, decreasing the time to competency and reducing agent turnover is a big reason for its selection. Improving contact center measures such as reducing call and hold times and the need for escalations—combined with the software’s ease of implementation—were all crucial criteria to securing this relationship. As a direct result of Panviva’s knowledge-management solution, AAA clubs will see consistently higher member satisfaction ratings and be able to provide a better member experience.

“We are thrilled to have Panviva join our preferred supplier program,” said Patricia B. Kleinfeldt, Director of Quality & Education and Driver Training at AAA National. “We seek companies that provide innovative solutions. Implementing Panviva’s cloud-based knowledge management software will enable AAA to provide just-in-time information for our call counselors.”

“We are excited to partner with AAA,” said Stephen Pappas, Senior Vice President of Panviva US Operations. “Our collaboration with AAA will ensure call center agents and members receive immediate access to information and guidance at their moment of need, increasing employee performance and efficiency.”

Panviva’s capabilities reach far beyond roadside assistance and can be utilized across multiple platforms to improve efficiency throughout an organization. Panviva can also be applied to all of AAA’s product and service lines such as Travel, Insurance and other financial services.