Voxbone Announces Tailored Enterprise-Grade Platform

Communications-as-a-Service (CaaS) leader Voxbone is celebrating the launch of its enterprise platform. Built to meet the specific communication needs of business end users, the Voxbone platform is a one-stop shop for voice and messaging in 65 countries around the world.

According to Gartner, the cloud telephony industry will be valued at $383 billion by 2020. Voxbone already powers 100% of the Leaders in the Gartner Magic Quadrants Unified Communications and Contact Center-as-a-Service markets. With the rollout of this enterprise platform, it is primed to continue expanding its leadership position.

Businesses across the globe will be equipped to scale their communications infrastructure within minutes, allowing them to open new markets instantly – while also virtualizing existing infrastructure and streamlining operations. With Voxbone’s application-agnostic approach, enterprises can bring their existing communications apps with them, or build their own services on top of Voxbone’s global voice network.

“For the past 14 years, the biggest names in global communications have built on Voxbone,” said Voxbone’s VP of Product, Matt Brown. “Now, enterprises looking to scale can use our platform to supercharge their growth – without supercharging spend. We’re proud to say that the best enterprise communications are built with Voxbone.”

The new platform means businesses can deploy the full range of Voxbone functionality from a single, powerful touchpoint — offering global network reliability and full compliance with local regulations in every market, and scaling costs down as they scale business up.

Tapping into the enterprise-grade platform gives businesses access to all of the following products:

Voxbone Voice – A single-source, fully compliant alternative to both legacy carriers and limited SIP providers, Voxbone Voice provides global scale on demand and unparalleled local presence – packaged up with our regulatory expertise in every market and coverage across 92% of the world economy.

Voxbone Mobile – Two-way messaging and voice on mobile numbers in 25+ countries. Perfect for omnichannel customer comms, with enterprise-grade security built in as standard.

Voxbone Connect – Don’t come to the source, let the source come to you. Interconnect into Voxbone’s global backbone via our partners’ 400 local access points around the world for best-possible security and lowest-possible latency.

Voxbone Insights- Analyze your call capacity, numbers, voice traffic and more in real time to identify breaking trends. Make data-backed decisions about your business communications off the back of our insights.

Leading brands, including several of the world’s most famous unicorns such as Zoom and Uber, have already found success in consolidating communications with Voxbone. Not only are these organizations able to save money, but they can also easily deploy new services across the globe within minutes.

For more information about how Voxbone delivers the best enterprise communications visit www.voxbone.com/enterprise