BT Group Selects NICE Performance Management, Driving Focus on Employee Engagement

NICE announced that BT Group, a leading United Kingdom-based multinational communications company, has selected NICE Performance Management (NPM) to create a unified performance management system to drive employee engagement across its BT Consumer lines of business.

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Serving the needs of customers in the UK and 180 countries worldwide, BT Group has previously invested in their customers and employees with NICE WFM, NICE Engage and NICE Nexidia Analytics. By adding NICE Performance Management, they are now able to bring together multiple sources of data to create a single source of truth. This enables directors, supervisors and agents to focus on what is required for reaching goals and drives performance through engaging coaching programs.

“BT is an industry leader that understands the impact their agents have on customer experience,” said John O’Hara, President, NICE EMEA. “NICE Performance Management will provide the tools for personalized performance insights and innovative coaching all while incorporating analytics, thereby, offering a tailored user experience and empowering each employee to take ownership of their performance. This will allow open communication between agents and supervisors, which strengthens relationships and lowers attrition rates.”

“We’re working to provide the best customer service in the UK, and through our experience in creating an outstanding service experience through EE with help from NICE Performance Management, we knew this was also the right path for BT,” said Simon Evatt, Director of Customer Service Technology and Analytics at BT. “Providing outstanding customer service is our top priority, and using the NICE Performance Management solution is one of the many ways we’re giving our people and teams the tools they need to provide the best possible service to our customers every day.”

Additionally, on April 17 at Interactions 2019, Stephen Turner, BT Group will present on “Creating a Single Version of Truth: Combining Multiple Technologies to Drive Operational and Business Improvement.”

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