Minnies Food Pantry Depends on Mitel for Seamless Communications and Collaboration

Mitel®, a global leader in business communications, is partnering with Minnie’s Food Pantry, a North Texas-based nonprofit and champion in the fight against hunger, to power the organization’s connections with a cloud-based solution designed to support the mission of providing healthy meals and resources for families in need.

Contact Centre CLUB

Founded as a labor of love by Cheryl Jackson in honor of her mother, the late Minnie Hawthorne-Ewing, the food pantry began operations in 2008 in a 500-square-foot facility. Demand grew over the years, along with Minnie’s reputation for delivering a red carpet-worthy experience with personalized attention to each family served. The rapid growth and heightened profile eventually led to a gap in communications. To bridge the divide, Minnie’s turned to Mitel.

Now, Minnie’s modern communications infrastructure makes it easy for staff, donors and clients to interact. The Mitel solution also includes simple-to-use contact center and collaboration applications. Contact center capabilities enable Minnie’s to deliver a better donor and client experience, ensuring high-quality, consistent donor and client relations. Collaboration tools let staff members stay in touch wherever they are, on any device, increasing productivity and keeping operations running smoothly.

Minnie’s Pantry is also a proud participant of MitelServes. Established in 2018, MitelServes is the company’s global giving program through which Mitel employees around the world give back by volunteering in their communities.

“Communications is an integral part of what we do, so we want make sure we have the best system in place. This system, and our partnership with Mitel, is priceless because it’s going to allow us to work more efficiently and raise more donor dollars,” said Cheryl Jackson, Founder, Minnie’s Food Pantry. “In the future, we’re becoming a resource center and we’re going to be successful because we have the communication element in process, and in place, to help us to do that. It’s going to be amazing.”

“Working with Minnie’s has been a truly rewarding experience for Mitel as an organization and also for our employees, who regularly volunteer at the food pantry,” said Daryl Reva, Vice President of UCaaS Marketing, Mitel. “What Minnie’s is doing day in and day out makes a real difference in our community and we’re proud to support their mission in every way we can.”


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