Cresta Unveils New Advancements That Drive Powerful Business Outcomes

Cresta, the end-to-end generative AI platform for contact centres, unveiled new human-in-the-loop AI capabilities to improve CX, accelerate revenue growth, and reduce operational costs.

These enhancements provide agents with more effective real-time behavioural guidance based on proven results and empower customers to transform traditional quality management from a resource-drain into a true driver of better performance.

“Cresta is laser-focused on pushing the boundaries of LLM-powered applications to identify specific agent and customer behaviours that have an enormous influence on core KPIs – these enhancements empower sales and CX leaders to quickly take immediate and targeted actions that really move the needle for their business,” said Ping Wu, CEO of Cresta.

The following capabilities expand what’s possible for human-in-the-loop contact centre AI:

Behavior Discovery

Despite recent advancements in AI-driven interaction analytics, contact centre leaders have struggled to pinpoint situation-specific tactics and behavioural best practices that actually lead to better outcomes at scale – such as happier customers, higher sales conversion, and more efficient issue resolutions. With Behavior Discovery, Cresta empowers contact centre and business leaders to discover these insights from completely unstructured conversation data — using proprietary large language models to identify and define previously unknown behaviours that are proven to drive better results.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Automatically discover and define more effective conversational behaviours using specific KPIs or groups of known top performers
  • Zero in on situationally-specific best practices using natural language prompts and granular filters
  • Easily see each behaviour’s impact on KPI outcomes across 100% of historical conversations to predict its potential to drive better performance

Generative AI Intents

Cresta furthers its mission of democratizing AI for enterprise contact centres with Generative AI Intents, an innovative new capability for Opera, Cresta’s no-code AI command centre. Now, non-technical business leaders and platform administrators can use an intuitive, human-in-the-loop workflow to create and train new custom AI models using their own historical conversation data. These models can accurately detect and comprehend the contextual behaviour of both customers and agents during conversations, serving as the foundation for dynamic rules and workflows that power the Cresta platform.

Key Capabilities Include:

  • Create the framework for each new intent model using a straight-forward natural language description
  • Train the model by using a proprietary few-shot learning process based on labelling positive and negative examples from real conversations
  • Preview the quality of each model using an industry standard F1 benchmark to confirm its accuracy and deploy models with confidence

Hybrid Quality Management & Screen Recording

Cresta has expanded its existing automated quality management solution, combining the industry’s most accurate AI scoring with new tools and workflows designed to empower human evaluators to get better results much more efficiently. These human-in-the-loop capabilities not only bridge the gap between AI-driven efficiency and human expertise, they also enable contact centres to holistically transform their quality management programs, delivering better results at a lower total cost.

Key Enhancements Include:

  • A unified grading view that presents multi-monitor screen recording with PII redaction alongside AI-annotated transcripts for more holistic and efficient evaluations
  • Auto-assignment and tracking of conversations for analysts to grade, streamlining the process of selection and oversight
  • Calibration workflows and benchmarking to ensure fair, consistent grading

“Our research shows that AI coupled with analytics can make the difference between stellar and mediocre agents, and happy and unhappy customers,” says Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst, Robin Gareiss. “Cresta’s new AI capabilities hit the mark by accurately training models, creating benchmarks, and validating agent behaviours. Most importantly, the quality management features drastically improve agent performance scoring so supervisors can precisely target their coaching—ultimately boosting both agent and customer satisfaction. In fact, among those using AI today, 65.7% apply it to quality management, citing it as the top way supervisors are using the technology.”

From uncovering actionable insights with Behavior Discovery, to refining custom AI models for pinpoint-accurate behaviour detection with Generative AI intents, and reinforcing behaviours through advanced Quality Management, Cresta empowers organizations to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and efficiency – reimagining the future of customer and sales engagement.

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About Cresta:

Cresta makes every customer interaction excellent. Cresta turns real-time intelligence into real-time action to make the contact centre smarter – and every agent and manager more productive. Powering customer experiences for companies like CarMax, Vivint, Intuit, and Porsche, Cresta is real-time AI for the real world.