TTEC Digital awarded patent for AI systems orchestration in customer experience

TTEC, a leading global CX technology and services innovator for AI-enabled CX with solutions from TTEC Engage and TTEC Digital, announced that it was awarded a patent for a solution that streamlines the inputs and integrations needed to power truly intelligent customer experiences.

“The fact that we have the level of expertise and innovation required to develop patented intellectual property really shows just how deep our proficiency runs within artificial intelligence and cutting-edge CX technology,” said Dave Seybold, President and CEO of TTEC Digital. “We’re already using this solution with some of our healthcare and automotive clients, and we’re excited to build upon this framework and roll it out to more clients.”

Part of TTEC Digital’s AI portfolio, this patent complements the company’s extensive intellectual property (IP) library, which includes over 100 patents across TTEC Holdings. TTEC Digital’s IP is designed to bridge the gaps between platforms and systems so that clients can simplify deployments, create more seamless experiences, and accelerate time to value.

“As artificial intelligence has advanced both within contact centre platforms and the applications that support them, we have seen a lack of integration between these systems. With this patent we’re democratizing AI for CX applications,” said David Murashige, Global Leader, Software and Digital Engineering, at TTEC Digital. “We can now integrate nearly every component in the CX ecosystem – including disparate systems, such as IVA (intelligent virtual assistant), agent assist, next best action, compliance, training and more – for use in AI applications.”

In addition to CX ecosystem integration, TTEC Digital’s newest patented solution includes:

  • Orchestration between cognitive services such as natural language processing, sentiment analysis, speech recognition, text-to-speech across channels and contact centre escalation platforms
  • Support for building and deployment of cognitive AI applications to enrich customer experience and agent proficiency
  • Omnichannel and IVA live agent escalation with session, context, and state management
  • Conversation Control Language for the normalization of conversations across multiple channels, and bots

Building upon this patented framework, TTEC Digital is developing new agent assist technology that incorporates generative AI to improve agent interactions with customers in real time.

“To develop patented IP like this, you need extreme proficiency and mastery of the major CX platforms as well as the emerging AI technologies. At TTEC Digital, we have this expertise to design and develop technology solutions that enhance customers’ CX platforms with features that advance productivity and the experiences delivered at the nexus of CRM, CCaaS and AI,” said Murashige.

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