NICE inContact Launches “Fast Track:” The Best Way to Move From Outdated, On-Premises Infrastructure to Industry’s Leading Cloud Experience Center

PRESS RELEASE: NICE and its company, inContact, the leading provider of cloud contact center software, announced the creation of Fast Track, a set of migration packages designed specifically to assist Avaya customers transition from their legacy system to a reliable, modern contact center.

The new migration packages provide organizations an efficient and seamless migration from an old, outdated contact center system to an integrated, analytics-based experience center in the cloud. This experience center features the integration of industry-leading inContact omnichannel routing with NICE advanced analytics and its entire suite of customer engagement solutions, including workforce optimization (WFO).

In addition, former Avaya customers enjoy working with a financially stable partner with significant R&D resources that is delivering the innovation necessary to ensure their success for the long-run.

Please click here for more specifics and details on how NICE inContact is alleviating industry uncertainty surrounding Avaya’s bankruptcy with the Fast Track migration packages.

Replacing an on-premises or hosted solution with another similar solution, leaves organizations with a system which may be outdated by the time it’s completed. Fast Track is the best way to migrate from premises-based systems to the leading cloud contact center platform – that elastically scales to meet the needs of large businesses and scales down to efficiently serve small-to-medium businesses. Customers moving to inContact from Avaya will benefit from:

  • A true all-in-one, unified solution spanning Omnichannel Routing, Workforce Optimization and Analytics, combined with complete network connectivity
  • Cloud flexibility to quickly scale services as needed, including the ability to turn up remote agents on demand
  • A usage-based billing model which enables companies to leverage the advantages of an operating expense (OpEx) over a capital expense (CapEx)
  • Hybrid integration and migration options which provide the ability to keep some on-premises components, and seamlessly migrate to inContact, without costly service interruptions
  • Peace of mind through greater reliability and risk reduction through hot failover across all sites plus industry leading SLAs for cloud contact center applications and voice

More than 100 former Avaya customers have moved to inContact, with over 50 in 2016 alone. Included among these are well-known brands such as Orvis and Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group which transitioned from Avaya and went live on inContact in less than 60 days.

“We are seeing tremendous interest from Avaya customers as they look beyond simply replacing their current system with another on-premises solution and making a permanent switch to the cloud,” noted Paul Jarman, inContact CEO. “The flexible and scalable nature of the NICE inContact cloud solution will help these organizations navigate the constantly evolving landscape of customer service by moving forward and avoid repeating past mistakes of premises-based platform limitations.”

NICE inContact offers teams of dedicated enterprise services professionals to design a “Fast Track” migration package with the unique needs of Avaya customers in mind. NICE inContact ensures an efficient, timely transition to a best-in-class, unified cloud solution, with minimal impact to business operations with:

  • Project management – A dedicated project manager will create a project plan for the inContact migration and ensure that milestones are achieved to meet a pre-determined implementation schedule.
  • Implementation Management – A dedicated implementation manager collects and understands the customer’s detailed business requirements, documents the requirements to serve as the basis for the implemented design and then works to test and adjust the configured design. After go-live, the implementation manager provides continued support and follow-up.
  • Onboarding – A dedicated onboarding manager focused on achieving set objectives and success metrics throughout the engagement, builds on the knowledge provided by our education team to ensure continual proficiency during real-world use, and works with managers, supervisors and administrators every step of the way during the initial use of inContact technology.
  • Training – We offer flexible training options to meet the schedule, travel availability and learning style, including live and virtual classrooms or eLearning through inContact University.
  • Investment Protection – Continue to use existing NICE Workforce Optimization products and seamlessly integrate with inContact omnichannel routing and open cloud platform.

Forward-looking customer service organizations are recognizing how the cloud can turn the customer experience into a competitive advantage, by moving to a purpose-built and unified suite of solutions designed to help organizations achieve their business goals with greater ease and reliability.