Survey Probes Cost of Disengaged Employees

A global survey into the practice of Employee Engagement has been launched by Cornerstone International Group, a world ranking executive search and leadership development organization. Reports indicate that up to 70 percent of employees are disengaged in the workplace, costing companies $450-550 billion every year.

The Cornerstone International Group survey will query business leaders on the priority assigned to employee engagement and the degree of effectiveness on retention and employee attraction. The Group has offices in 35 countries and headquarters in both Shanghai and in Atlanta.

“Our global footprint as well as the nature of our business gives as a great opportunity to sample senior management opinion on business issues,” says Larry Shoemaker, president of both the organization and of the member search firm Cornerstone Atlanta. “This is our 11th annual global business survey on a topical subject of interest to business leaders.”

Research in recent years has brought an understanding of the profound impact of employee engagement on company success. Engaged companies have been shown to grow profits three times faster and engaged employees to be 87% less likely to leave.
The brief survey is open to all senior managers and executives. The questionnaire can be completed anonymously, although if participants would like a copy of the report they should leave their contact information.

The questionnaire can be filled out online at the following link: