OrecX Call Recording Integrates with VoiceBase Voice Analytics

PRESS RELEASE: OrecX announced full integration between Oreka TR (voice recording software), and VoiceBase voice analytics. The integration enables any OrecX customer to turn on keyword/phrase spotting within a recorded interaction at the flip of a configuration switch.

It becomes possible to search for any recording that contains predefined keywords/phrases, and the built-in HTML5 audio player can render the audio directly from where the keyword/phrase was uttered.

This integration can save supervisors countless hours reviewing customer call recordings by pointing them directly to interactions of interest, and to specific segments within those calls. Quality and compliance issues, as well as best practices, can be easily and instantly detected, and any subsequent follow-up actions can be taken immediately. Quality assurance and risk mitigation processes can be delivered more effectively, with less labor and in a shorter period of time. Supported environments include on-premise and/or public/private cloud.

Need to add a telephony component to your portfolio? We’ve got you covered.

“Our integration with VoiceBase was developed with flexibility in mind,” said Bruno Haas, CTO of OrecX. “Different categories of recordings can be analyzed for different keywords/phrases, by associating any number of business rules with any number of voice analytics profiles.  Under the hood, audio files that are selected for analysis are automatically shipped off to the VoiceBase cloud API, and the results are applied to the recordings in the form of tags with offsets (bookmarks).  We believe these new capabilities will deliver tremendous value to our customers.”