Carvana Moves Away from Legacy On-Premise Communication System to RingCentral’s Cloud Communications Solution

RC_LOGOC_RGBRingCentral, a leading provider of enterprise cloud communications and collaboration solutions announced that Carvana, a leading e-commerce platform for buying used cars, has transitioned its enterprise business communications needs to the cloud with RingCentral, citing mobility, open platform integrations, and scalability as key benefits.

Enterprise scalability, mobility, team messaging, open platform application integrations, and the ability to quickly migrate to the cloud were key considerations for selecting RingCentral. When the deployment is complete, all employees in over 20 locations will use RingCentral, and then they can connect with customers and with each other using voice, video, and team messaging capabilities, regardless of their location and on any device.

“We moved away from an expensive and limited capability hardware-based legacy PBX system and chose RingCentral because we wanted a single integrated collaborative communications solution that would scale easily as our business grows,” said Imran Kazi, director of technology services. “RingCentral provides us with an easy to manage solution that enables our IT department to work smarter, not harder, by utilizing the power of the cloud.”

RingCentral will be used by employees at the Carvana headquarters, retail locations across the US, and will be used extensively by Carvana’s External Advocate team. Prior to RingCentral, these External Advocates had to use personal cell phone numbers when delivering cars, but now they will use their business numbers on their personal mobile devices when communicating with customers. RingCentral is also helping Carvana improve its customer experience through robust administrative controls and call analytics, which provides real-time visibility into call times and number of customers on hold. This will allow Carvana to identify areas in its customer communications that need improvement.

In addition, Carvana selected RingCentral for its integrations with Salesforce and Okta. Salesforce is used by Carvana’s Advocate team to manage customer relationships. The integration creates an unparalleled experience for making or receiving calls through RingCentral, directly from within Salesforce. Also, RingCentral’s integration with Okta allows Carvana employees to use Single Sign-on to securely access RingCentral anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

“We are thrilled to help Carvana rethink its business communications strategy in the larger context of today’s mobile and distributed workforce needs,” said Chuck Emmette, senior director of professional services at RingCentral. “In addition to providing a comprehensive cloud communications and collaboration solution, we also are proud to give Carvana significant value through our professional services and customer success programs that enable them to quickly deploy and operate effectively and efficiently on an ongoing basis. We look forward to supporting Carvana’s workforce, enabling them to communicate and collaborate without the headaches of managing and deploying legacy hardware-based infrastructure.”