Webhelp and honeybee Form Partnership to Revolutionise Contact Centre Sales Operations

honeybee, a pioneer set to transform the way people buy and sell, has announced a partnership with Webhelp, one of the world’s leading customer experience and business process outsourcers. The collaboration will see Webhelp introducing the honeybee solution into contact centres across the globe, improving the customer journey for organisations in a wide range of regions and industries.

Serving more than 500 customers across 25 countries, Webhelp is committed to helping businesses provide the best possible level of customer service and believes honeybee can create a step change in this experience and the overall performance of phone-to-phone sales.

The partnership will kick-off with a roll out in a major European mobile network operator, following a successful trial which delivered some significant benefits;

• 57% improvement in sales conversions
• 11% lift in transaction value
• 70% reduction in time to competency for new employees

Whilst there has been substantial investment in call centre technology over the years, the focus has tended to be on dialler optimisation and campaign management rather than on the actual sales conversation. honeybee aims to revolutionise phone sales by delivering an end-to-end sales journey that has been built with the customer and sales colleague in mind, empowering the sales colleague to co-create a solution for a customer that is specific to that customer’s needs.

honeybee combines the benefits of technology with the power of human interaction to improve customer experiences and ultimately drive sales conversion and efficiency.

This digital approach to phone-to-phone selling also brings all the data and analytics benefits of online sales to the offline space for the first time, whilst honeybee’s ‘no-code’ platform transforms the speed and cost of reacting to market and consumer demands, by allowing Webhelp to update and test new journeys in real-time.

David Turner, CEO of Webhelp UK, said: “Webhelp is very proud of its role as a technology enabler. Using technology to transform and simplify the customer journey has always been at the heart of Webhelp’s strategy. honeybee represents the opportunity for Webhelp to unlock even greater cost savings and efficiencies for its clients. As a multi-industry platform, the benefits of honeybee are immediately clear and Webhelp is excited to offer these advances to its diverse global client base.”

Graham Stapleton, Executive Chairman, honeybee commented: “We are hugely excited about our partnership with Webhelp. They share our vision that the call centre experience can be transformed by our unique approach of creating technology that empowers sales colleagues to help find the right solution for their customers. An approach that has already delivered some significant results for Webhelp and promises to unlock a new era of customer satisfaction with call centre interactions.”

The honeybee Platform

Solving the problems of person-to-person selling, honeybee brings together three critical elements to offer clients an end-to-end solution: digital offline customer journeys; ‘no-code’ platform agility; and expert services.

• Digital Offline Customer Journey

honeybee is an intuitive platform that can be rapidly configured to meet the needs of customers, staff, and the wider brand. The solution covers every single step of the end-to-end customer journey, analysing customer needs to help sales team co-create a product package or tariff that best suits their specific needs.

With honeybee, Webhelp will be able to digitally-empower sales teams, allowing them to collect and analyse customer interaction data that can then be used to refine and automate processes for a slicker, more compelling customer experience.

• ‘No Code’ Platform Agility

honeybee’s revolutionary ‘no code’ approach eliminates the complexity of traditional IT solutions, allowing operational staff – rather than developers – to reconfigure sales journeys in real-time. Most importantly, the platform is the first to offer actionable data on all points within the customer’s contact centre journey.

• Expert Services

Having the right technology in place is only half the issue solved. Introducing digital journeys to sales staff requires business transformation. With significant expertise in designing, delivering and optimising digital transformation strategies, honeybee brings a rapid return-on-investment, helping organisations take the solution to market in a fraction of the time it would take an in-house team. In the longer term, honeybee can also create sustainable change by allowing businesses to continually refine their business processes as the market, and customers, evolve.