PanTerra Announces Streams, its Next-Generation Unified Cloud Service with Multi-Media Team Messaging

PRESS RELEASE: PanTerra announced Streams, the next-generation release of its unified cloud service. Streams combines real-time communications replacing your PBX, secure cloud file sync & share and adds complete multi-media, persistent team messaging.

Streams builds upon and replaces PanTerra’s previous WorldSmart solution taking team collaboration to a whole new level with the ability to share text, links, images, video, audio, files, folders and even live broadcast streams, tighter unified applications, advanced ConnectMe conferencing features and improved overall usability and performance between applications.

All the enhancements give the ultimate experience in communications and team messaging across an organization and between companies and their customers and partners. Additionally, graphical analytics and reports have been added giving more visibility into the service, especially for call center administrators.

Benefits of Streams include more efficient team collaboration, more efficient group/team management and more effective customer interactions. Streams can be accessed thru desktop browser or dedicated iOS and Android mobile apps. Streams extensive team management features enable different access policies to be applied to each team, giving users complete control over who and how users collaborate and share with each other. And with Streams built-in real-time communications, responding to rapid-fire events and coordinating teams in a timely fashion is a snap. Users can create teams, assign multiple administrators, and dynamically apply permissions, greatly improving control and usability. Enhanced collaboration, file sharing, real-time communications and improved interactions put every Streams user in control.

  • Streams integrated unified communications, team messaging, and file sharing into a single customizable solution
  • Streams Team Messaging supports persistent, multi-media messaging
  • Powerful yet simple to use ConnectMe Web Meeting allows you to start a video conference or deskshare from your desktop or mobile device
  • Streams Graphical Analytics and Business Intelligence visually show you how your business is doing in real-time
  • Streams Enhanced Admin Portal supports multiple admin levels and localized admin privileges
  • Full Mobile Support allows you to take your office communications and all your corporate content with you safely and securely

Arthur Chang, President and CEO of PanTerra, said, “PanTerra has always led the industry in unified cloud functionality, reliability and security, Streams delivers the future of business communications… today. Anyone that has experienced Streams in action comes away with one word… Wow.” Mr. Chang continued, “Users of the service comment on how immediate the benefits of a unified cloud solution are realized through improvement in their work flow and industry analysts were blown away at how much functionality was seamlessly integrated into a simple, easy to use interface. We are super excited to see such a positive reception of Streams.”