Verint Announces New CX Consulting Capabilities, Helping Organizations Enhance Their Customers’ Experiences Across Assisted and Self-Service Channels

PRESS RELEASE: Verint® announced the availability of new Customer Experience (CX) consulting and packaged services offerings specifically designed to help companies enhance their own customer experiences across interaction channels and touchpoints.

Organizations today are increasingly focused on CX as a competitive differentiator to gain a complete view across all channels and touchpoints on the customer journey, enhance the overall customer experience, and increase performance and desired business outcomes. To address these growing requirements, Verint is helping customers align their product and service delivery experiences with the expectations of their customers and deliver on their brand promises.

Consulting and Packaged Services Offerings to Advance the Customer Experience

Verint’s industry-leading Voice of the Customer (VoC) solutions—comprised of Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM), digital feedback management (via its acquisition of OpinionLab), and interaction analytics that include speech, text and social—enable organizations to capture customer feedback, sentiment and journeys across channels.

By analyzing and interpreting these journeys in the context of business objectives, they can respond more effectively to customer, company and market demands. With access to best practices, strategy and expertise through new CX consulting and packaged services offerings—including CX strategy consulting, contact optimization, omnichannel and digital experience, and strategic program implementation—Verint customers can now take acting on the VoC, enhancing experiences and heightening loyalty to the next level, and establish broader, deeper and longer-lasting customer relationships.

Addition of CX Consulting and Packaged Services Offerings

New consulting and services capabilities being offered by Verint include the following:

CX Strategy Consulting—helping customers develop clear, insight-driven CX strategies and roadmaps; prioritize investments in CX strategy, CX research, journey mapping, experience design, service and marketing related to CX, contact center or digital transformation; and guide them in effectively prioritizing investments and change management.

Contact Optimization—applying cross-channel analytics and managed services for Voice of the Customer feedback and contact analysis to provide customers with specific, actionable intelligence for improving the CX, capitalizing on their most important customer interactions and reducing costs.

Omnichannel and Digital Experience—performing best-practice capability assessments and customer research to develop roadmaps that prioritize project investments across retail, digital and other channels, and provide tactical strategies for creating simple, consistent experiences across channels.

Strategic Program Implementation—providing customers with program and project management, while bridging the gap from strategy development to implementation to help ensure strategic objectives and program benefits are realized from inception through implementation.

“In addition to offering even more extensive, holistic customer experience consulting and strategy support, we’re focused on helping our customers define and implement their CX strategies, and their ability to effectively listen, analyze and act on the voice of the customer across digital, voice, text and social interactions,” says Ben Smith, global VP and general manager of CX solutions at Verint. “By expanding our portfolio to include an important set of CX consulting and packaged services offerings, we can help our customers—and as a result, their customers—achieve desired outcomes across assisted and self-service channels, while cultivating deeper, long-term relationships.”