Jacada Chosen as Finalist for Upcoming Digital Self-Service Innovation Award

PRESS RELEASE: Jacada announced that it has been selected as one of four finalists in the Digital Self-Service Innovation category of the UK National Innovation Awards for 2017. Recognized for the Jacada Contact Hub, a suite of award winning solutions that support today’s digital consumer, Jacada is expected to pick up another award in the area of digital customer service solutions.

The Jacada Contact Hub offers digital engagement across multiple channels, personalizing the experience and offering seamless connectivity to assisted service when needed. The Jacada Contact Hub is committed to driving digital adoption and lowering inbound call volume by right channeling customers to the proper digital channel. The Jacada Hub features the award winning Visual IVR, an Artificial Intelligence powered Virtual Agent, and Interact — the powerful cross-channel interaction designer. With this cross-channel interaction platform, Jacada enables efficient customer engagement on the voice channel, the digital channel, the physical (IoT) channel, and on the outbound channel. Customer interactions are all designed on one convenient platform with a single designer, ensuring no more channel silos.

The UK National Innovation Awards 2017 are judged by business leaders who employ the technologies selected. Senior leaders from digital, customer service, customer contact, customer experience and customer operations will judge the final.

“We are honored to be recognized as a leader in Digital Self-Service as we work hard to enable our customers to engage with their consumers in the most efficient and effective ways,” says Guy Yair, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Jacada. “Our digital customer innovations empower companies to drive the use of their digital assets while providing the best options for customer self-service.”

Jon Snow, Chairman of Directors’ Club United Kingdom, praised the standard of entries saying, “Directors’ Club is delighted the Jacada entry was voted through to the final of the Digital Self-Service Innovation category on May 23rd. The competition from eight other entrants was high, as was the quality of the submissions. I am sure their live final presentation will further demonstrate the innovation at the heart of their offering. Congratulations and best of luck.”

About The National Innovation Awards

The UK National Innovation Awards (the Nationals) have been designed by the Directors’ Club United Kingdom to recognize business technology innovations and their impact on customer experience, employee engagement, operations performance, product creation, and profitable growth. Visit http://directorsclub.org.uk for more information.

About Jacada

Jacada provides solutions that simplify and improve the effectiveness of customer interactions. Jacada’s mobile, customer, agent desktop and process optimization solutions help companies reduce the cost of their operations, drive customer satisfaction, and provide a complete return on investment within the first year after deployment. Founded in 1990, Jacada operates globally with offices in Atlanta, USA; London, England; Munich, Germany; and Herzliya, Israel. More information is available at www.Jacada.com.

Embedded Video Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dB_N5qVOnw