Comprehensive Pain Specialists Relieve Contact Center Agony with Avaya

PRESS RELEASE: Comprehensive Pain Specialists (CPS) makes it their mission to help patients find relief from all types of pain. To alleviate a major sore point responsible for significant dysfunction in its communications and patient service operations, the only answer was a complete replacement with an Avaya Enterprise Cloud: xCaaS solution.

Comprehensive Pain Specialists operate more than 50 clinics in 12 states. The legacy hosted solution supported a single, shared call center that caused a number of headaches for both patients and staff. Dropped and missed calls, poor audio quality and other issues led some staff members to set up their own shadow systems or use mobile phones as a work around.

An Avaya Enterprise Cloud: xCaaS solution was the antidote CPS needed. Avaya assisted in designing the system and working with the managed services provider to ensure CPS would have a system that would help the company achieve its primary mission. The cloud model offers more flexibility in connecting the clinics, managing operational expenses and supporting the company’s growth plans.

The new solution immediately improved call quality and functionality, reduced installation costs at branch and remote locations, as well as the number of trouble tickets and complaints the previous system had engendered.

Bobby Tishaw, vice president, IT Operations for CPS, said:

“The cloud option for Avaya was a no-brainer because it ended up being cost-neutral to what we were paying – but we knew the system would work, and we knew it would scale with us.

“With Avaya, there’s always been an attitude of, we do have products that are great and can serve you, but we’ll figure out what’s best for you. The way I work, I need vendor partners, not just vendors trying to sell to me.”