Ormuco Launches Fully Managed Cloud Service in Finland in Collaboration with HPE and ALSO

Montreal-based Ormuco, in collaboration with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and ALSO, launched a fully managed cloud computing service in Finland that offers enterprise customers, service providers, independent software vendors (ISVs) and resellers true workload portability in an open, vendor-neutral, hybrid cloud environment.

Ormuco Stack offers a full-featured, turnkey cloud platform that works seamlessly across public and private environments and addresses security and data sovereignty requirements, enabling businesses in Finland and around the world to choose where and how their applications are deployed and data stored.

Ormuco Stack is now available to value-added resellers (VARs) and service providers (SPs) in Finland on the ALSO Cloud Marketplace, through select HPE partners, and from the HPE-sponsored Cloud28+ community.

With Ormuco Stack, VARs, SPs and ISVs can offer their enterprise customers a public cloud experience—easy, convenient and self-service—inside their own datacenters. Ormuco Stack also allows enterprises to burst seamlessly from on-premises to off-premises managed clouds when workloads demand it, without having to worry about complex integrations. Ormuco Stack offers this because the architectures of the on-premises cloud and the off-premises cloud are fully compatible.

With Ormuco Stack, ALSO customers can configure private or hybrid cloud platforms for their clients with a pay-per-use or a term commitment model. The solution is delivered from ALSO’s Tier 3 TUV-Certified datacenters operated in 12 European countries, supported by HPE infrastructure. Fully managed and updated by Ormuco, the platform is engineered around OpenStack RESTful APIs and achieves operational excellence through artificial intelligence (AI), automation and machine learning, thereby ensuring scalability, efficiency and cost optimization.

Ormuco CEO Orlando Bayter said, “Ormuco Stack is a ‘have it your way’ solution, meaning enterprise customers are able to have convenience, flexibility, security, compliance and optimal performance no matter where they run their workloads and store their data. Ormuco Stack ends the debate about public or private—the best of both worlds is available in a single stack, on premises or off, all managed through a single pane of glass. Plus, with Ormuco Stack, there’s no more month’s long path to deployment or hassle-laden management burden. There is just intelligent, economical cloud made simple. We are delighted to join with our exceptional partners, HPE and ALSO, in bringing this service to Finland.”

Benefits of the Ormuco Solution

  • Intelligent, Cost-Effective Cloud, Rapidly Deployed: Ormuco Stack uses AI and machine learning to deliver self-healing systems that result in better economics, improved agility, streamlined operations and enhanced customer experiences. Self-healing and end-to-end automation of processes results in quick and efficient cloud deployments and a dramatic reduction in time to market for applications.
  • Open Source Core: Ormuco Stack has OpenStack and other open source technology at its core, which enables Ormuco to deliver continuous innovation and significant cost savings.
  • Simplicity: Ormuco Stack spares customers the hassle of complex integrations, complicated upgrades and tedious lifecycle management. Customers are free to focus on consumption, not construction.
  • Service: Customers also benefit from Ormuco’s depth of service experience and customer service commitment. Ormuco installs, configures, manages, operates, upgrades and supports the Ormuco Stack platform so that VARs, SPs and enterprise users can focus on value-added services.

“Cloud28+ simplifies hybrid IT for customers by allowing them to easily find partners and solutions that meet their custom business and regulatory requirements,” said Olivier Hemmer, EMEA director of service provider and Cloud28+ sales, Hewlett Packard Enterprise. “Together with Ormuco and ALSO, we’re facilitating the multi-cloud solutions that fit our customers’ needs.”

“When we first announced our partnership with Ormuco last fall, we expanded our portfolio with a proven solution that empowered our customers to address their verticals with easy-to-use, scalable services,” said Michael Gericks, senior vice president Consumptional Business at ALSO. “This announcement builds on our partnership not only by extending our reach to customers in Finland, but also by leveraging the technology of Ormuco Stack to deliver the same cloud experience regardless of whether the infrastructure is located on-premises or elsewhere.”