European Public Sector Agency Improves its Service Operations with NICE Robotic Process Automation

NICE announced that a major European public sector agency has delivered significant improvements by implementing NICE Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which streamlines manual processes and allows employees to focus on high-value activities.

Working as part of an Automation Delivery Center set up by the agency, NICE engineers supported the design and building of multiple automation workflows in a few weeks, and helped deploy them. The solution offers both “unattended” automation, where robots perform tasks end-to-end, and “attended” automation, which requires inputs from human employees. This element of collaboration between humans and robots is a huge advantage of NICE’s RPA solution, as processes often require a human touch at some point.

The Automation Delivery Center allows the agency’s staff to independently and rapidly adapt successful robotic automation workflows to processes across the organization, including:

  • 300,000 cases processed annually by Robots where 85% is done without human intervention and the remaining passed to humans for processing
  • Automated responses to requests for financial information, including gathering and analyzing customer data in a fraction of the time taken by humans
  • Routing specific work items to human teams with the right skills and availability
  • Real-time, on-screen guidance to help frontline representatives preempt customer questions and reduce repeat calls

The improved process efficiencies, which support over 5,000 employees, including the use of attended and unattended Robots, are clearly evidenced in the following achievements:

  • An 80% reduction in processing costs
  • In some of the call center processes, up to 40% reduction in average call handling times has been achieved
  • Elimination of human error in data entry and consistency in delivery

As the NICE Robotic Process Automation solutions are rapidly scalable, they accommodate seasonal peaks of work without requiring the hiring of temporary staff. The automated processes further reduce pressure by facilitating greater customer self-service.

John O’Hara, president of NICE EMEA, said: “NICE’s Robotic Process Automation technology is a key element of the agency’s digital transformation agenda, offering agility and ease of deployment to meet the agency’s needs at all times. The solution also promotes better employee engagement and satisfaction, as humans can remain focused on delivering better frontline service. In this way, the robotic and human workforce work hand in hand to reinvent customer service.”