Consilium Simplifies Multichannel Outbound Engagement Strategy with UniCampaign 4.0

Consilium Software announced the general availability of UniCampaign 4.0, an outbound contact manager for Cisco contact centres solutions. Available on Cisco Commerce under Cisco SolutionsPlus, this release builds on Cisco’s Connected Digital Experience (CDX) goal for the Customer Care solutions portfolio to significantly improve multi-channel outbound engagement and proactive outreach.

Customers use a wide range of channels to communicate with organizations, whether it’s voice, email or text, and businesses must always be listening across all channels. With UniCampaign 4.0, Consilium takes a leap forward to simplify multichannel and proactive engagement over voice, email and text messaging. It is an integrated platform that tightly integrates with your Cisco Unified Contact Center’s Outbound Dialler, while allowing centralized control and management of an enterprise-wide outbound contact strategy.

Consilium has carefully re-architected its outbound contact management solution, leveraging multi-tenancy and new features introduced in Cisco’s version 11 and the latest API functions. As a multi-tenant solution, it reduces costs by sharing the same infrastructure across tenants. Furthermore, compliance-ready UniCampaign allows contact centres to meet the consumer protection criteria for do-not-call (DNC) list management, including the requirement to institute procedures for maintaining company-specific DNC lists.

“The impact of omnichannel communications is felt far beyond traditional customer interaction processes. Many organizations fall short on leveraging these interaction channels to drive proactive engagement with their customers. With UniCampaign, organizations can rapidly and cost-effectively adapt customer experience programs to deliver a personalized journey across channels,” said Pramod Ratwani, Founder & CEO, Consilium Software Inc. “Consilium UniCampaign for Cisco has been designed to provide the perfect engagement solution our clients needed to power a multichannel outreach strategy.”