To Save Lives and Serve Customers, Fraser Health Authority Deploys Genesys to Modernise Contact Centre Operations

Fraser Health Authority, one of Canada’s largest and fastest-growing health care services providers, has deployed PureConnect™, a multichannel engagement offering from Genesys®, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions.

Fraser Health uses PureConnect to operate three contact centres supporting 1.8 million people and 25,000 employees through acute, community, and in-home services. The contact centres are staffed with approximately 60 agents handling 1.5 million calls annually.

PureConnect is a proven, all-in-one multichannel engagement offering that is rapid to deploy, simple to administer, flexible, and easily tailored to meet specific needs. It comes with comprehensive services for mid-size to large organisations and is available both on-premise and in the cloud.

According to Fraser Health’s Contact Centre Manager, Thomas Quigley, PureConnect’s ease-of-integration and ability to run a single instance across multiple sites were the major factors in its selection. “PureConnect’s unique, open, all-in-one architecture meant we could take calls from multiple PBXs, plus we could use our own off-the-shelf hardware,” he said. “In addition, we would have one instance supporting multiple divisions, thus eliminating the need to replicate applications.”

PureConnect replaced aging, end-of-life Nortel and NEC systems for its automatic call distribution (ACD) functionality. As a result of deploying the Genesys solution, Fraser Health has significantly modernised and increased the efficiency of its contact centre operations by automating and digitising its directory, thereby eliminating manual, antiquated paper-based processes. “We’ve reduced our average call handle time by about 15 percent, and our agents absolutely love the one-click transfers. More importantly, though, the technology reduces chances of errors which is critical when a life is potentially at stake.”

Another advantage cited by Quigley was Fraser Health’s customisation of PureConnect so that it could load-balance call volume and prioritise emergency code calls between its contact centre locations and agents. “One of our biggest internal requests was to distribute calls more evenly as they need to be picked up within seconds. We’ve accomplished that with the customisation of PureConnect.”

Fraser Health can now more accurately measure call volume and track performance through the integrated recording and reporting functionality. “Using PureConnect, we can evaluate calls for training purposes and immediately resolve any issues. This is important to improving the customer experience.”

Additionally, PureConnect improved the company’s business continuity plans. “In an emergency situation like an evacuation, we can now complete a telco switchover in a matter of minutes or less. This dramatically reduces the chance that we’ll miss a code call,”said Quigley.

According to Quigley, he plans to continue to mature Fraser Health’s contact centre by further leveraging the robust functionality of PureConnect as well as expanding how his team supports the organisation. “We want to add features like email and fax,” he said. “With some additional training, we can cost-effectively support the growth of Fraser Health and improve services. It’s a great feeling.”

For more details on how Fraser Health is benefiting from PureConnect, read the full case study on the Genesys website.