Inisoft launches powerful new customer engagement suite

Comment on the launch of this product from Oonagh McBride, Head of Software at Inisoft Ltd: Today I am delighted to launch Syntelate XA, the next generation of our successful contact center agent desktop.

Since its initial release, Syntelate has focused on unifying disparate business systems into a single interface to make things simple for agents. In recent years, this has extended to servicing the full omni-channel customer journey: voice, email, SMS, web chat, and social media, all from the same simple interface.

I knew that our new product – XA – had to really do something special to keep all of these benefits while at the same time providing a real improvement to customer service. My team and I thought long and hard about how we could differentiate our product before realising that the answer was right on our doorstep.

Our parent company Kura employs almost 2,000 agents who work in a variety of sectors covering sales and service on every channel. If anyone knows what the desktop requirements are for delivering good customer service, then of course it’s the agents who interact with customers every day. That’s why my team and I sat with our agents, watched them at work, and talked with them about the tools that they use, the tools that they need, and the barriers between them and the quality of service that they want to deliver. We fed their ideas into our product design to produce an interface that engages, empowers, and motivates agents.

Some ideas were simple, such as showing the phonetic spelling of emails and reference numbers (I know that I can never remember this when I am under pressure). Other more fundamental improvements involved giving agents more control over their workload and motivation through feedback on key metrics. Our unique Voice of the Agent feature complements our unified customer journey by allowing you to analyze agent feedback to reduce customer effort.

With cloud or on-premises deployment, and with both the agent desktop and the configuration tools now accessed from your web browser, Syntelate XA is simpler to use than any previous Syntelate release – and yet it’s also more powerful.

Your agents want to provide great customer service. Syntelate XA lets them achieve this.

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