IPCortex launch CRM Connect to transform customer engagement with contextual communications

British communications software developer IPCortex has launched CRM Connect, an innovative product designed to boost customer engagement with contextual communications.

CRM Connect has been developed in response to the growing requirement for contact centres to add context to their communications: that is, communication embedded within key contact centre systems so as to augment every customer interaction with data relating to a customer, a transaction, or big data trends. It allows contact centres to trigger efficiencies through speed and accuracy of action, and to increase customer experience by engaging with greater intelligence.

The launch offers a range of advantages for contact centres, namely:

  • Providing agents with the tools required for intelligent and effective call management as well as boosted productivity;
  • Low-touch, web browser based installation and maintenance, with no third party products to install, meaning that the product is straightforward to roll out and support;
  • It is compatible with web-based CRMs with certified support for Salesforce, Zoho, Freshdesk, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Zendesk, Insightly and Capsule – with more in development.

Rob Pickering, CEO of IPCortex, enthused: “The trends for globalisation and digital transformation are driving businesses to adopt new ways to remain competitive. We’re seeing more and more customers identify that customer experience, and enhanced engagement, are the big differentiators of the future. With CRM Connect, you can quickly and easily improve the workflows and processes that underpin these improvements.

“By communicating from within or augmented by customer records, and with full and timely access to historical or transaction-based information, agents can handle inbound and outbound calls with greater intelligence. This results in the highest standards of customer engagement.

“Overall agent productivity is boosted as click to dial increases agent speed and accuracy, while removing context switches by communicating from within the same application as key account information improves efficiency and message delivery.

Mr Pickering added: “Contextual comms is an important development for contact centres. For example, many contact centres rely on recordings of customer calls to deal with more complex enquiries and for agent training, but this can mean hours of listening and manually transcribing conversations, which can be fraught with human error. Contextual communication enables automatic and accurate transcription of customer calls, including voice analysis to gain insight into tone and other customer behaviours. This provides real value because contact centres are better able to understand customer reactions, trigger points, and even what makes a customer feel happy – and create, or even automate, processes around this information.”

IPCortex early-access customers for CRM Connect included the online luxury furniture retailer Willow & Hall, who are known for their award-winning customer service. Head of Customer Service Mark Dalgarno commented, “CRM Connect certainly helps reduce the volume of time trying to identify customers; it’s quick and simple to use with easy integration into Salesforce. I can’t wait to launch it with the team!”

Key features of CRM Connect include:

  • Custom URL launch, screen popping and click to dial for web-based CRMs;
  • Click to dial from any website or certified CRM using a desk phone, softphone or Keevio web phone;
  • Flexible inbound and outbound identity selection
  • CRM caller matching and screen popping

CRM Connect is made available via an Internet browser plugin, with no third party applications to install, while automatic updates simplify system management. The new product also offers easy integration with IPCortex solutions including Hosted Suite, the Virtual Edition, and on premises hardware, while custom URL launch for screen popping – as well as click to dial – are available in web-based CRMs.