Nuance Leads 19 Vendors in Biometric Authentication and Fraud Detection in Newly Published Analyst Report

Nuance announced from the Intelligent Assistants Conference that it has been named the leader in Biometric Authentication in the newly published Voice Biometrics Intelliview Report by leading analyst firm, Opus Research. The report positions Nuance as the frontrunner across Contact Center Authentication, Contact Center Fraud Detection, and Mobile Authentication.

Brands today are focused on providing customers with a streamlined omni-channel experience while at the same time maintaining security and mitigating data breaches. Voice biometrics has emerged as a critical enabler to delivering customers ease of authentication while also detecting fraud, and its use is poised to grow in the years to come. According to Opus*, by 2020, more than half a billion individuals will be able to use spoken word, rather than PINs, passwords or answers to personal questions, to initiate conversations or transactions using their phones, laptops, tablets, smart speaker/appliances, and connected cars.

In its new Intelliview report, Opus offers a side-by-side comparison of select voice biometrics technology providers, evaluating each by a set of key criteria including customer rosters, breadth of offering, financial strengths and partnerships, and positioning. Nuance is recognized in the report as having the greatest breadth of offerings in contact center authentication and is the only provider to be recognized as a leader across on-device, hybrid, and remote mobile authentication via NinaID.

The Intelliview report also notes Nuance FraudMiner as a leading solution in the relatively new contact center fraud domain, a growing application as large financial services companies look to voice biometrics to detect and eliminate fraud.

“We are finally seeing the long-awaited growth in deployments and registered voiceprints, indicating that voice biometrics has reached a tipping point and is poised to play a pivotal role in Intelligent Authentication,” said Ravin Sanjith, Program Director, Intelligent Authentication, Opus Research. “Our prediction is that this trend will continue across multiple industries, globally, and Nuance is ideally positioned to leverage its multi-factor capabilities to fulfill on an ever-increasing set of very exciting use-cases,” added Sanjith.

“Nuance’s leadership position in this report underscores our commitment to helping customers overcome the market challenges they face, including the complexities of implementing a true omni-channel strategy,” said Robert Weideman, executive vice president and general manager, Enterprise Division, Nuance. “Our industry leading voice, facial, and behavior biometrics, combined with our deep understanding of artificial intelligence, allows us to deliver comprehensive solutions that ensure an easy, secure authentication experience throughout customer care channels.”

Nuance Security Suite and Nina ID improves security and customer experience over traditional methods of authentication – such as simple user names and passwords – and reduces the risk of hacking and data breaches. Its multi-modal, biometric approach makes life easier for both the enterprise and the consumer by removing the need to remember and manage complex password systems, and enabling layered biometric authentication and fraud detection across channels. Already this year, over 150 million people globally have made more than one billion successful voice authentications using Nuance biometrics technology with zero recorded acts of fraud.

A complimentary copy of the Opus Voice Biometrics Intelliview Report can be downloaded here.

*Voice Biometrics Census Steady Growth of Global Enrollments, Opus Research, September 2016