IP Australia Adopts Pega Robotic Automation to Further Drive Efficiencies and Enhance Customer Experience

Pegasystems, the software company empowering customer engagement at the world’s leading enterprises, announced that Intellectual Property (IP) Australia has adopted Pega® Robotic Automation to improve overall customer experience by automating business processes to significantly reduce time and costs associated with data entry.

IP Australia, the Australian government agency that administers IP rights, processes approximately 850,000 IP service requests per year, including more than 160,000 new applications for IP rights. Over time, the agency deployed multiple systems and processes to help its staff handle its growing work volume. However some of these processes required staff to access and move data across as many as four different systems for the same request. These labor-intensive tasks added time and effort that could be better used serving customer needs.

IP Australia will deploy Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Pega Robotic Automation to complete many of these mundane data-entry tasks faster and more effectively. The streamlined process will enhance service experiences and quality outcomes for its customers. In addition, employees will be freed from routine tasks to complete more strategic initiatives, which the agency expects will also improve job satisfaction and tenure.

This deployment extends Pega’s partnership with IP Australia as it executes on its major business, information, communications, and technology transformation project Rights-in-One (RiO) Program. As the first step, IP Australia previously adopted Pega® Platform to maintain a seamless digital process for lodgement and processing of IP rights applications. The addition of RPA infuses rapid automation to further enhance the agency’s broader digital transformation journey.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Pega and our use of advanced technology to streamline IP Australia’s processes,” said Rob Bollard, general manager, RiO Program & Business Futures, IP Australia. “By developing an innovative digital infrastructure, we are supporting business efforts, improving employee performance, and are able to better support our customers.”

“Government agencies must lead modernization efforts to reduce costs and enhance service delivery to citizens,” said Luke McCormack, vice president and managing director, Pegasystems, Asia Pacific. “As one of Pega’s long-time government clients in Asia Pacific, IP Australia has been at the forefront of modernization and automation within the region. We look forward to extending our partnership through the next stage of their transformation journey.”