Talkdesk Launches Context Mobile, First-in-Market Offering to Revolutionize Contact Centre Industry

Talkdesk, the leading intelligent cloud contact center platform, unveiled Talkdesk Context, a suite of products that provides up-to-the minute intelligence on customer self-service activity to live contact center agents, so they can quickly understand and resolve customer issues. Context Mobile is the first product to launch within the Talkdesk Context product suite.

Context Mobile provides real-time information about a customer’s mobile in-app activity to customer service agents, so they can immediately provide relevant and personalized support. This new technology, available now for mobile apps, is built for the modern customer, who often looks for self-service options before calling a contact center for support. Talkdesk’s Context Mobile identifies a caller instantly and passes information about their in-app activity to the contact center agent who answers their call.

Delivery of this real-time intelligence to the agent dramatically reduces the time customers spend on support calls by eliminating the need for the customer to confirm their identity and explain their needs. Beyond the time and customer effort, Talkdesk Context Mobile also increases empathy in the agent by illustrating everything the customer has gone through in their effort to self-serve.

Product Feature Highlights:

  • Instantly identify caller
  • Instantly authenticate caller
  • Send real-time, contextual app data (customizable)
  • Auto callback (no customer hold)

Talkdesk’s focus on mobile data comes on the heels of App Annie’s findings that consumers spent nearly 900 billion hours in apps during 2016, an increase of more than 150 billion hours from 2015. Context Mobile is a much-needed update to an otherwise stale contact center industry and prepares companies to meet today’s customer expectations.

“The contact center space has gone without disruption for too long. Context Mobile is a chance for companies to use AI to give modern customers the type of experiences they should be expecting,” said Tiago Paiva, founder and CEO at Talkdesk. “Consumer and enterprise companies can use this new technology to provide truly unmatched experiences for their customers.”

Context Mobile is the next step in Talkdesk’s journey toward the intelligent contact center of the future. Unlike other decades-old competitors, Talkdesk is building a contact center that incorporates new technology to empower agents with real-time information.

Context Mobile is now available to all Talkdesk customers.