NewVoiceMedia showcases useful innovation for more successful conversations at CloudFest London

NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of cloud contact centre and inside sales technology that enables businesses to have more successful conversations, unveiled its latest product enhancements at CloudFest London yesterday, as part of a showcase of useful innovation in action.

In an exciting keynote led by NewVoiceMedia CEO Jonathan Gale, the company revealed three major product innovations that will transform the way sales and service teams connect with customers and prospects worldwide. The new features will help power more personal conversations globally, extract instant insights to drive actions and be more effective in all business communications, while also helping sales teams be more successful.

Ensuring crystal clear voice quality, globally

With Global Voice Assurance, NewVoiceMedia’s industry-leading global call routing architecture, the company has dramatically raised the bar on call quality for sales and service teams. This platform enhancement, which enables organisations to use a single call plan in their ContactWorld platform to control their global contact centre assets, will optimise contact centre management and operations, while ensuring the highest quality customer experience across the world.

By enabling the application to use telephony servers in remote geographies, businesses can configure and manage their global call centre more effectively through a single central touch point. This allows better management of peak periods and agent shift changes in individual regions as the intelligent overflow capability automatically routes calls to centres with spare capacity, no matter what their location. With 40 percent of agents using ContactWorld based outside their contact centre’s home country, this enhancement could impact around half of the world’s global agents.

The company’s enhanced communications network ensures the highest quality customer experience and faster global implementation. It provides businesses with the ability to manage resources across the globe as a single entity, reducing customer wait times while ensuring effortless, crystal clear conversations and service availability for calls in remote regions. For contact centre managers, reporting can be consolidated and simplified, giving businesses a global or local view of performance statistics and reducing administrative overheads.

Turning the human voice into your greatest insight engine

NewVoiceMedia has also introduced a powerful integrated speech analytics solution set to make organisations’ sales and service teams more successful. Businesses using ContactWorld with Conversation Analyzer, benefit from a unified, pre-integrated platform that offers valuable insights into the data captured during customer interactions.

The system uses speech-to-text to transcribe calls and then deliver intelligent content categorisation for instant insight into common themes, as well as data visualisation for quick analysis and understanding of the classification and the successes and challenges in every conversation. When combined with interaction data from CRM software, businesses can begin to refine how to boost their successes and manage challenges more efficiently.

Make first contact, faster

NewVoiceMedia’s new Contact Accelerator feature will ensure outbound sales or service teams are connecting and having successful conversations with prospects and customers. Calls are automatically rescheduled in the NewVoiceMedia dialler at the optimum frequency with automatic geographic number presentation, significantly increasing the chances of a successful connection. With sales journeys often beginning with missed calls, this feature will deliver significant benefits for sales reps who will be able to make first contact with prospects, faster. Furthermore, unanswered calls no longer need to be manually recorded and scheduled, which can be disruptive to the flow of the day, and call backs will be hassle-free.

Moni Manor, chief product officer at NewVoiceMedia, comments, “Innovation is a key competitive battleground in nearly every sector, but at NewVoiceMedia, we are focused on useful innovation and offering the best possible technology on the market for driving more successful conversations for sales and service teams. The enhancements to our global cloud contact centre and inside sales platform, as unveiled at CloudFest London this week, will help make organisations’ sales and service teams more successful and build more personal relationships with every customer and prospect.”

NewVoiceMedia recently announced that global payments company Paysafe increased its customer support centre productivity by 20 percent over the last year using NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld for Service platform, with the technology delivering dramatic improvements to both customer and agent satisfaction. For Paysafe, a solution that can meet its consistently high standards is essential, as the firm provides a service in 20 different languages, seven days a week, 24 hours a day for millions of customers around the world.

Alessandro Bruno-Bossio, vice president of sales and operations for Digital Wallets at Paysafe, comments, “Paysafe is one of the fastest-growing global payments companies with customers across five continents, offering world-class global service in multiple languages. The features of NewVoiceMedia’s Global Voice Assurance have enabled us to guarantee crystal clear conversations globally to help us serve our customers better.”