Teleopti celebrates 25 years of innovation with customers and partners

Teleopti, a top provider of user-friendly, employee-focused Workforce Management solutions, this year celebrates 25 years of industry-leading software innovations for customer service support. Built on a foundation of entrepreneurial spirit, self-funding and strategic growth phases, Teleopti is proud to continue, and celebrate, its profitable development. A development that currently sees it growing at three times the market average.

Marking this 25-year milestone in the company’s growth, and the customers and partners that have shaped such a progression, Teleopti is hosting multiple regional user forums this year. The forums during the fall are in three vital regions for the company: the Nordics, Americas and DACH. Each forum will keep to Teleopti’s tradition of compelling insights, tactical training and networking opportunities, but will also organize celebratory activities, including documentary films, speeches and evening entertainment.

The Nordic and DACH forums both hold the theme, “25 years of Innovation: The Journey into the Future,” looking first at Teleopti’s 25-year journey up to now and then at what the coming years will bring for the customer service industry. Speakers at the Nordic forum hailed from a range of leading companies including Google, Webhelp and, as well as the digitalization expert, Beata Wickbom. The DACH forum speakers will include the customer comdirect bank, partner SHP and President of Call Center Verband, Manfred Stockmann. This year the Americas User Forum will take a new format with multiple fireside chats and panel discussions around key customer service topics such as employee empowerment, managing and measuring KPIs, and the disruption of attrition.

“Our 25-year anniversary comes as everything that we have been endorsing over the years becomes an actuality. We are seeing the ever-increasing conversion to the Cloud, even more parts of the WFM process are being automated, while omnichannel has been available for many years it has now become a common part of the customer experience, and, rather than just the most basic functions becoming mobile so too are more advanced functions.” says Olle During, CEO of Teleopti. “Our focus is to keep Teleopti WFM competitive in this environment, and ensure that Teleopti is easy to consume as a user and work with as a business.”

In exploring what innovations have proven key to Teleopti over the last 25 years, the company has created four films covering the topics: “How it all started,” “International growth,” “Cutting-edge development” and “Employee engagement.”

Nils Bildt, Founder and Executive Chairman of Teleopti reflects, “Seeing our satisfied customers and stellar partners, as well as our ambitious colleagues (both old and new from thirty countries) grow in competence, professionalism and commitment, gives a sense of thankfulness, humility, pride and intense joy to Marita and me. Equally, having started to manage, and seeing the company continue to be managed, with a compounded rate of 25% per year for 25 years, being profitable every year and becoming the leading global provider of Cloud WFM Services is an enormous achievement by customers, partners, colleagues and the board! Many thanks to everyone!”