Blue Prism Announces Availability of the World’s Most Advanced Digital Workforce

Blue Prism announced the general availability of Version 6 of its new Operating System for the Digital Workforce, which leverages leading-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, analytics and cloud capabilities to help drive comprehensive digital transformation within enterprises.

As the world’s leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) provider, Blue Prism offers a secure, scalable and easy-to-use Digital Workforce that augments human talent and increases productivity, improves customer experiences and delivers the foundation for a true digital transformation strategy.

As the world’s first Operating System for the Digital Workforce, Version 6 packs in breakthrough automation technology, empowering customers to leverage best-of-breed capabilities while safeguarding their IT investments. Bridging the gap between IT and business, this release empowers IT by automating operational activities and accelerating operational agility.

Incorporating investments from over a decade of software development, this version proactively includes insights from over 400 global enterprise customers. These include leading Fortune 500 companies in highly regulated industries, including finance, insurance, utilities, telecom, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. A foundational pillar of the RPA industry, Blue Prism pioneered the Operating System for the Digital Workforce, coined the term RPA in 2012 and was recently acknowledged by MIT Technology Review as one of the 50 smartest companies globally.

“We invented this market, and this latest version includes trusted insights that have come to us from the ecosystem we built, which includes our growing Fortune 500 customer base, Technology Alliance Program and delivery partners,” said Blue Prism co-founder and chief technology officer Dave Moss. “Building an Operating System requires disciplined investment, resiliency, interoperability and, most importantly, authentic architecture that does not require disproportional R&D investments to scale. We innovate with purpose and hence have built-in capabilities vs. bolted-on, and all our customers are on the same version, making our R&D efficient and ensuring high customer satisfaction.”

Most Productive Software Robots

Responsible for automating billions of transactions and returning hundreds of millions of hours of work back to the businesses, Blue Prism’s software robots are the most productive in the industry—and this latest release includes productivity enhancements that accelerate deployment time and robot efficiency.

Version 6 productivity enhancements include Intelligent Surface Automation, which uses computer vision to compensate for system and color variations. It goes several steps further with proprietary Adaptive Positioning Technology, which automates application controls and fields regardless of their on-screen position, and captures them even if they move or change color to significantly reduce development time and further increase resilience.

Most Adaptive RPA Platform

Blue Prism now offers an unmatched level of analytical capability through its data publishing framework, which delivers unprecedented insights to external analytics engines. Version 6 also supports multi-lingual UIs starting with Japanese, helping to expand usability far beyond the company’s 33,000 registered users and developers worldwide.

Most Scalable RPA Architecture

Blue Prism allows enterprise users to easily deploy one or hundreds of software robots on premise or in the cloud to scale on-demand. The company’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP) provides reference architectures for Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google and IBM Cloud (MAGI-C) to enable instant scale-out capabilities and has several successful in-cloud deployments.

Industry Leading Security

This version offers users multi-tiered encryption algorithms that ensure secure connectivity, data storage and access. In addition, enterprise-wide Password Vaults with certified CyberArk Credential Management provide consistent credentials across the enterprise. That’s why many customers have adopted Blue Prism to support compliance standards such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI.

Unlike desktop automation tools, Blue Prism’s software robots run completely autonomously on a server, from within a secure data center. Every transaction executed can be audited. The company automates without resorting to screen scraping or record buttons, which pose inherent security risks.

Best-of-Breed Integration and Support

With the strongest ecosystem of partners in the industry, the Blue Prism TAP continues to be backed by industry heavyweights including Appian, Captricity, Celaton, Expert System, IBM and Minit. Blue Prism Version 6 expands on this program to include integrations with CyberArk, Trust Portal and Microsoft Azure.

Expanding AI and Machine Learning Capabilities

Blue Prism’s software robots understand context, derive meaning and anticipate change to deliver better and faster business outcomes. Version 6 harnesses machine learning capabilities for intelligent workload management and utilizes computer vision technology to compensate for changes in underlying systems using Adaptive Positioning Technology. Combined with best-of-breed AI technologies from TAP partners, Blue Prism’s “intelligent execution” capabilities ensure that the benefits of AI are leveraged to deliver intelligent automation across the Digital Enterprise.

To see what Version 6 can do, register now to attend Blue Prism World, the world’s most successful robotic process automation event, October 10th in Sydney and November 1st in San Francisco.

Blue Prism Community Insights

“As Blue Prism’s first client in North America, we’ve come to rely on them as a key provider of our digital workforce,” said Lee Coulter, senior vice president of Ascension and chief executive officer of Ascension’s shared service subsidiary, based in Indianapolis. “This newest release underscores Blue Prism’s commitment to enterprise scalability, security and resilience. It gives users a digital workforce that can meet the toughest and most demanding IT requirements.”

“Blue Prism’s Operating System for the Digital Workforce is gaining real momentum in the market by extending existing RPA capabilities to enable enterprises to improve efficiencies, while accelerating access to new solutions and service offerings from partners. Our current research is showing that Blue Prism’s enterprise capabilities for security and scalability are reaping impressive results among its growing customer base. These software robots work across any industry or geography, providing valuable building blocks for achieving a robust digital underbelly for the enterprise. Simply put, this is a groundbreaking and better way of working,” said Phil Fersht, CEO of HfS, the leading intelligent automation and digital labor analyst firm.

“Our recent research shows that 92 percent of senior decision makers believe that automation is a key technology to address the emerging requirements of a digital business,” said Craig Wood, Avanade Executive for Intelligent Automation. “As a recognized Gold Delivery partner, we work closely with Blue Prism to ensure our clients see results from their time and investment in RPA projects. With the enhanced features and capabilities of this new version of Blue Prism’s Operating System for the Digital Workforce, we are well positioned to help our clients deliver on the promise of AI and a smarter way of working.”